Klaus #2

Jan. 16th, 2016 11:59 pm
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"I keep coming back to, why has no one thought of this? This is like a Mark Millar idea. It seems so obvious, but it's been very engrossing, going back to the roots of Santa, the Siberian shamanistic kind of version of it, and then you've got the character Sinterklaas, and everything built up towards the familiar guy that we know." -- Grant Morrison

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Klaus #1

Dec. 14th, 2015 07:11 pm
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'I thought it was such a franchise-able thing. It allows me to create my own Batman, my own Superman, my own Doctor Who. There's so much you can do with this character. Everyone's familiar with it, but no one really knows him. It was all about just getting to the roots of this thing. Here's a massive icon everyone around the world knows -- how deep can we dig, how can we we make him human? We take this quite seriously, and do it like Frank Miller did "Batman: Year One," but with Santa Claus.' -- Grant Morrison

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 "I had this notion way back. I was doing the "All-Star Superman" stuff, and I got so into Superman, so into his character, so involved with what we were doing. When I finished, it occurred to me that I'd really love to do this -- with a character that wasn't owned by a corporation. [Laughs] I thought about, "Who does everyone know?" "Who's every kid's favorite hero?" I suddenly thought, "How come no one's told the 'Year One' of Santa Claus?" It seems so obvious. Basically, this is my "All-Star Santa Claus." [Laughs] "Santa Claus Year Zero." It's kind of neat approaching that character as if he was the world's greatest superhero, and we've never learned the origin."

--Grant Morrison


And with that introduction, I present to you four pages from Klaus #1 (of 6). Be shocked. Be amazed. Be mildly amused somebody green-lit this thing.


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Happy holidays!



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'Comicbook Resources' had this in their list of 'Scariest Comic Books of All Time". NSFW for nudity and gore. It was written by Grant Morrison.

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