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Dec. 7th, 2011 08:02 pm
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I'm a fan of Real Life, a "slice of slightly deranged sort-of-autobiographical life" webcomic, which I've posted samples before.

Sure, it may not be ground-breaking in tone, it uses a repetitive and simple art style (though that sort of thing rarely bothers me), but it makes me smile, and I do find myself having a more than occasional "Yup, I can be that geeky too" moments.

Greg is the main character, a fictionalsed version of the author, and his wife Lis, new baby daughter Harper, and their friends who include Tony (who is to Bond villains what Mycroft was to Sherlock) and Dave, who is sort of Tony's sidekick.

Geekiness: The Next Generation )

And you KNOW Disney would market these... )


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