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3 and two half pages.

Jessica manages to get out of her dinner date with Morlun by feigning illness in one of the most painfull exchanges I've ever seen and goes after the Web of Fate (and punches out this wold's Mary Jane).

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Jessica Drew has been chosen to infiltrate Loom World, home of the inheritors. There she discovers that her counterpart in this universe lives at the Inheritors' mansion, and also is allies with a pirate captain. Meanwhile Silk, who set off on her own now, has a broken teleporter, so she escapes the inheritors the only way she can, by using her enemy's portal taking her too to Loom World.

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Jessica is trying to keep Silk alive, cause she's extra special important to the Inheritors plans, she's the bride whatever that means I haven't been following the full event, but things have not being going well... Silk's heroic instincts lead her to start a fight that called the attention of the Inheritors and got Spider-Man Noir injured... They are back in Noir's world trying to plan their next step.

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