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Its coexistence with its superheroic surroundings was a matter-of-fact acknowledgement.

(There was the bit with the Black Talon, but that one'd been a joke before that.)

Its villains, the Exchange, exemplified this- they were ex-bit players in the superpowered game who'd decided to take their talents into the more mundane criminal world.

They were led by two particularly motivated.

Those two met to discuss the problems they were having with Frank Castle. )
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"Rowan is one of the more flawed protagonists that I’ve written in a long time. I saw something on Twitter, and I wish I could remember who said it and I wish I could remember the phrasing, but they were talking about how female protagonists are never allowed to have a significant character flaw in the way that male protagonists are. I haven’t thought about it enough to think of examples to refute that assertion, but I do think that we tend to walk a very careful line, writers and storytellers like myself, who are trying to be conscious of gender parity and ethnic parity and going on down the line. We want to see more diversity in work.

I know that for a very long time, there were certain things that I would not allow myself to do to certain protagonists. If I had a gay character, I wasn’t going to kill him. If you read the Kodiak novels, Dale Matsui was the safest guy in the series, right? Dale was out, he was happily in a relationship, and my politics are such that I wasn’t seeing that a lot and I certainly wasn’t going to get rid of the one guy who was there. That is, in its own way, a bigotry. What we want to see is stories that are going to be honest stories about the characters that we’re telling them about. We want to be fair to those characters, and those characters get to be people, they’re not defined by gender or sexual identity or ethnicity, solely. Those are elements of character, as I’ve said multiple times and I’m sure bored people to tears with it.

So getting back to Rowan, from the beginning in my head, she’s got some issues. She’s prickly. I’m not sure how easy she is to like. She may fall into that category of character where she’s a badass and you respect that, and you think it’s cool, but you’re not really sure if you’d want to hang out with her once you get to know her."

- Greg Rucka

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I've been digging Greg Rucka's current comic, Lazarus.

In part due to scenes like this: A room full of people, each packed full of their Family's technology (their families being the ultimate 'Haves' to everyone else's 'Have Nots') to make them as unkillable and deadly as possible... playing a few hands of poker at a political summit.

Bit of warning, one of 'em is an ableist jerk.

Here's the deadliest people on the planet holding a poker game )

Pages from Lazarus #13, by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, and Santi Arcas
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The posting of IDENTITY CRISIS led to a few Epilogue posts, which led to mention of SACRIFICE. Max Lord mind-controls Superman. There is a vicious fight with Wonder Woman. Diana gets her lasso around Superman to free him, and then gets it around Max. Max says "You can't hold me forever, and next time I'll make him kill Batman or Lois or you." When asking how to prevent this, Max says "Kill me." And Diana does just that.
But I am requesting the epilogue to this. In WONDER WOMAN #220, Diana goes to Batman to explain everything, and Batman just says "Get out." ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #643, Superman goes to Batman, Batman says Diana told him everything, they bicker about the Brother Eye satellite and the OMAC drones. Batman finally says "Go home to your wife, Clark."

Lois says it. )
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ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #636 was an epilogue of IDENTITY CRISIS, and also set up some of what would become INFINITE CRISIS. It was (also) drawn by Rags Morales with the story by Greg Rucka.

None so blind as those not wearing a blindfold? )
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I figured I'd post one more Batman comic for today. It's from Detective Comics #747. It's a nice little one-shot (although it leads into something else) and also serves as a bit of a counterpoint to some Batdickery.

Story under the cut... )


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