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Following on from Fantastic Four #587, I had a hankering for reading some of my old Fantastic Four stuff. But not any of 616 stuff, I wanted to read an alternate take.

This is from Unstable Molecules, a take on the Four as early 60s suburbanites. The novel Peyton Place is important both thematically and to the plot as they both deal with what's behind the facade of happy suburbia and the problems within and between families.

Apparently it won the 2004 Eisner for Best Finite/Limited Series (putting it up there with Marvels, 300, The New Frontier, Watchmen and Whiteout: Melt), but I've heard surprisingly little chat about it.

It's written by indie creator and cartoonist James Sturm.
In the 1970s, James saw an interview with Stan Lee on Wonderama, a show on WPIX-TV, and the next day he went out and bought a Fantastic Four Marvel comic book. In 2003, James got the chance to write Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules, a four-issue series (later released as a trade paperback) featuring characters based on the Fantastic Four and published by Marvel Comics. Unstable Molecules went on to win an Eisner Award for “Best Limited Series.”

He describes it as being based on the inspiration behind the Fantastic Four and the authors notes paint a story of the "real-life" astronauts, which is all bolos.

I might post more later on in the week, but here's two pages from the beginning of Part 1.
Sue is a housewife, Johnny is a kid.

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ComicBookResources has an interview with John Arcudi as the world of Hellboy and his former crew keeps getting worse.

One particular idea struck home with me, thought I should bring up for discussion.

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Whuzzat? Not enough !@#$ hitting the fan in your morning coffee? Haven't spit out enough of your afternoon lunch yet? In that case, I bring you the penultimate issue of the War of Frogs saga. Spoilers behind the cut for #4.

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With the amazing revelations in #3, the sh!t keeps hitting the fan over at DarkHorse comics. And Newsarama doesn't want to feel left out, either. Images galore behind the cut. Spoilers of major proportions behind the cut.

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Most of you are old enough to remember LORT: RoTK movie when the Riders of Theoden amassed over the Pelennor Fields and beheld the might of the dark lands unleashed upon Minas Tirith. I remember the whole theater taking in one gigantic breathe at the same time and we felt the same way Merry Brandybuck felt at the sight. One member of the BPRD is about to have a similar moment.

Darkhorse has the preview of King of Fear #3, as story arcs years in the making begins to reach their climax.

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