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I met Larry Hama unexpectedly a few weeks ago, since he had a table at the Emerald City Comicon that I didn't know about before buying my ticket, and since then I've had his old '80s G.I. Joe comics on my mind. It doesn't hurt that Retaliation finally came out, either.

Special Missions was a relatively short-lived spin-off book that was a series of what were usually done-in-ones, involving particularly dicey or complicated missions by the team that did not necessarily involve Cobra.

This is a story from its second issue about refugee Nazis, Israeli Nazi hunters, and the Holocaust. This might be the kind of thing that mandates a trigger warning.

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Once upon a time The Spot was this supervillain who defeated Spider-Man (well, for one issue anyway), and instead of quitting while he was ahead he tried to defeat him again:

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The Spot nowadays is considered a joke (and he was never meant to be a very serious villain anyway) but the first time he fought Spider-Man he actually defeated the web-crawler. This is how it happened:

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Well, alright, before Voltron there were a lot of things; Superman, trees, disco, the Holy Roman Empire, but as far as we're concerned, Shogun Warriors is the thing to focus on (We have our priorities right on scans_daily!)

Approximately six pages each, from two eighteen-page stories from 1979/80

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Okay, so now we've reached part 3 of my collection inventory project. 4 long boxes in and I've done DC from 1994 and Eclipse from 1987. That means it's time for Marvel from 1976! Understand that as a kid, I was a total card-carrying member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society (except for, you know, actually having the card). My DC collection is far more sporadic prior to the mid-80s, but my Marvel collection had more detail to it. However, the 1970s were the time before comic shops, when comics were gotten at Supermarkets, Drugstores and even(gasp!) newstands. Sometimes it was catch as catch can, since there was no good system for getting back issues and if you missed it, you missed it forever (or so it seemed to a kid).

Here we have an example of one I missed the first few issues for, but when I found it, I grabbed on with both hands. I give you Super-Villain Team-Up!

Wherein Doom is...well, DOOM. Namor is caught between a Rock and a Hard Place, a new character is introduced and an unexpected guest star appears. Read more... )
4 pages out of 31 from Super-Villain Team-Up #6.

Tags: Title: Super-Villian Team-Up, Creator: Herb Trimpe, Creator: Steve Englehart, Char: sub-mariner/namor mckenzie, Char: Dr. Doom/Victor von Doom
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I promised to post the first team-up between Captain America and Captain Britain from Captain Britain vol. 1 #16-27 and here is the first part covering #17-20. Sadly due to the Captain Britain issues being so short (most of the content was reprints of old issues from various series) I'm only going to be able to post the cover and 2 and 1/3rd pages from each issue.

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Tags: char: captain america/steve rogers, char: captain britain/brian braddock, char: nick fury, char: red skull/johann schmidt, char: psylocke/betsy braddock, char: jaime braddock, group: nazis, creator: herb trimpe, creator: gary friedrich

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After hearing that this guy was a character from the old Godzilla comic, I had to look him up.


A smattering of images from the 30-page Godzilla #1, circa 1977.


Suggested tags: publisher: marvel comics, creator: doug moench, creator: herb trimpe, creator: jim mooney, title: godzilla, char: godzilla/gojira, char: nick fury, char: dum dum dugan, char: jimmy woo, char: dr. yuriko takiguchi


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