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The fine folks at Boom Studios just released a 5 page preview of their upcoming Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers series. Writer Ian Brill is largely to thank for making Darwking Duck one of the best new books of the year so lets see how handles this Disney Afternoon Property.

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Given that Darkwing Duck #4 comes out today checked out the tags for Darkwing duck. There needs to be more Darkwing entries. So it's time to correct that with the two pages that got me into the series.
Two scans from #2 and three of #3 of the current ongoing.

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While Darkwing Duck investigates the mysterious Quackwerks corporation and rescue Honker, a familiar group of villains starts to strike back against the city of St. Canard. Only one member of this team is missing, and another is more dangerous than ever.

Some Ducks Just Want to Watch the World Burn )
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4 and a half pages from the return of the 90s greatest anthropomorphic superhero. Written by Ian Brill with Art by James Silvani.

The Duck Knight Returns Part 1 )

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