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In the course of Forever Evil, the event that based on how long the ruddy thing has been going on for, certainly lives up to its name, we saw Ultraman invade the offices of the Daily Planet, where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are about the only people left.
Justice League 24 )

Preview art for Superman #32 )
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From thenerdist.com, a preview for Justice League #27

aka Geoff Johns continuing his rather weird habit of killing off juvenile heroes in his crossover events. In this case, members of a team that hasn’t even debuted in the New 52 yet; The Doom Patrol.

Three pages under the cut )
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It's been confirmed over on Newsarama, amongst other places, that Zatanna is getting a new look for her forthcoming appearance in the Justice League title, and in honour of that, I thought I'd post a sample of some of her past outfits, because she's had quite an assortment over the years, and as Freddy Mercury said...

It's a kind of magic... It's a kind of magic! )
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Hi, Everyone! :D I thought I would post and say hello to you all. I've been lurking for a while, but this is the first time I've really contributed. As an offering, I present a panel from one of my favorite Green Lantern books, because Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis might just be my dream team. I read the rules thoroughly and hope I'm following them all. Peeked through the tags and didn't see this, but if it was hiding somewhere and I missed it (Hal has a lot of tags, but I think I looked through them all. Also looked through Reis's and "Green Lantern's" creator and title tags as well) let me know and I'll be happy to either find something to replace it with, or to take the post down. (Though, I'm pretty sure I didn't miss it, so it should be okay. I've only seen two pages from this issue.)

From Green Lantern: Secret Origins Book 3 (which I believe may be Green Lantern #31?).

cut for one semi-large panel )

Hope I got everything right, everyone! :D Nice to meet you all!
Suggested tags:
char: green lantern/hal jordan, title: green lantern, creator: geoff johns, creator: ivan reis


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