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"Since the sidekick would always be somewhat sheltered and protected as long as he was in the shadow of the main hero, it made sense to have that guy killed, forcing the sidekick out into a world that has never really taken him seriously. Not the press, not the public, not the other heroes, not even the bad guys. It thus becomes part about fending for himself, and part about defining who he is in the absence of that mentor figure. It starts out very realistic and serious in the first few issues, then gradually becomes more surreal the deeper we go into the story as he begins a long slow descent into madness."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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'He is, as the saying goes, “among them but not of them,” and that can’t help but to create a certain loneliness. So asking those questions brought me to that theme, and became a launching pad to look at that theme from the perspective of various characters: the loneliness of the brightest guy in the room (the Luthors), of living a life you can’t share with others (Lisa)...it wasn’t the driving point of the story, but as subtext, it’s there.' - JMS

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'In one form or another, I've been writing and selling nonstop since I was 17. Never had writer's block. Never sat down at the keyboard without knowing what to write. So when I appear at conventions, I'm often asked how it is that I've been able to write as much as I have . . . Before you sit down at the keyboard, you get to know your characters so well, so intimately, that whatever situation you drop them into, you simply write down what they do. You let the characters do the work for you. Once you can do that consistently, writing becomes a joy, becomes effortless, becomes fun. Soon you're writing as fast as you can just to keep up with it all. You rush to the keyboard every day because you can't wait to see what your characters are going to do next.' - JMS in this issue's letter column

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'On a piece of white paper, you can be God - but it takes years of professionalism and dedication. You have to write every day, whether you like it or not. I write 12 hours a day, every day, besides my birthday, Christmas Day and New Years.' - JMS

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Oh, JMS.

Oct. 15th, 2013 03:59 pm
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"A one-off issue, just about anybody can do that. To have a four-to-six-issue series, you're better off than a one-shot. A one-shot shows you have a short attention span." - J. Michael Straczynski

Trigger warning for sexual assault.

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Sidekick #1

Aug. 8th, 2013 08:54 pm
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"Robin, Speedy, Bucky, Kid Flash, Rick Jones... they pissed me off. It's not just that they were an an obvious ploy to bring in young readers, it's also that at the age of thirteen I figured there was still time for me to grow up to be Batman or Green Arrow or someone like that. But the sidekicks were my own age and already doing stuff that I knew I could never do. Spandex-clas assassins of hope, every damned one of them.

So every month for the next twelve issues we are going to drive Flyboy deeper into madness and mayhem, darkness and depravity. We're going to do to him all the things mainstream comics writers stuck with sidekicks are told never to do to them."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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Just shortly after DC's announcement of Batman: Earth One a few days ago, DC also released new details on the much anticipated sequel to Superman Earth One, including how they're planning to reinvent one of Supe's main baddies.

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Hoo boy, this is getting good. JMS posted a graph showing the sales on Amazing Spider-Man have fallen since his departure (and the start of the BND status quo) on his Facebook, and needless to say Steve Wacker ain't too happy about it.

Too much to summarize, so you can read all about it here. What I find hilarious is how Wacker points out how they had the most successful issue of the last 15 years, but doesn't mention that it's the one with Barack Obama on the cover right after he was elected. Anyone want to guess why that was a huge success?

For legality...

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