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'In one form or another, I've been writing and selling nonstop since I was 17. Never had writer's block. Never sat down at the keyboard without knowing what to write. So when I appear at conventions, I'm often asked how it is that I've been able to write as much as I have . . . Before you sit down at the keyboard, you get to know your characters so well, so intimately, that whatever situation you drop them into, you simply write down what they do. You let the characters do the work for you. Once you can do that consistently, writing becomes a joy, becomes effortless, becomes fun. Soon you're writing as fast as you can just to keep up with it all. You rush to the keyboard every day because you can't wait to see what your characters are going to do next.' - JMS in this issue's letter column

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'On a piece of white paper, you can be God - but it takes years of professionalism and dedication. You have to write every day, whether you like it or not. I write 12 hours a day, every day, besides my birthday, Christmas Day and New Years.' - JMS

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Oh, JMS.

Oct. 15th, 2013 03:59 pm
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"A one-off issue, just about anybody can do that. To have a four-to-six-issue series, you're better off than a one-shot. A one-shot shows you have a short attention span." - J. Michael Straczynski

Trigger warning for sexual assault.

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Sidekick #1

Aug. 8th, 2013 08:54 pm
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"Robin, Speedy, Bucky, Kid Flash, Rick Jones... they pissed me off. It's not just that they were an an obvious ploy to bring in young readers, it's also that at the age of thirteen I figured there was still time for me to grow up to be Batman or Green Arrow or someone like that. But the sidekicks were my own age and already doing stuff that I knew I could never do. Spandex-clas assassins of hope, every damned one of them.

So every month for the next twelve issues we are going to drive Flyboy deeper into madness and mayhem, darkness and depravity. We're going to do to him all the things mainstream comics writers stuck with sidekicks are told never to do to them."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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Just shortly after DC's announcement of Batman: Earth One a few days ago, DC also released new details on the much anticipated sequel to Superman Earth One, including how they're planning to reinvent one of Supe's main baddies.

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Hoo boy, this is getting good. JMS posted a graph showing the sales on Amazing Spider-Man have fallen since his departure (and the start of the BND status quo) on his Facebook, and needless to say Steve Wacker ain't too happy about it.

Too much to summarize, so you can read all about it here. What I find hilarious is how Wacker points out how they had the most successful issue of the last 15 years, but doesn't mention that it's the one with Barack Obama on the cover right after he was elected. Anyone want to guess why that was a huge success?

For legality...

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I’d put off reviewing Joker's Asylum: Two-Face--by David Hine and Andy Clarke--for almost three years. The story was just that maddeningly frustrating to me, as was the fact that many people love the ending.

Just before its release in 2008, I was cautiously optimistic about JA:TF when I read an interview with Hine (the same one wherein he compared Harvey to the cult novel The Dice Man, a comparison which I've ranted about over at that link), in which he mentioned that the story would involve Harvey meeting Holman Hunt, a man with similar facial scarring, thus creating a sort of “man in the mirror” effect.

Quoth Hine: "Essentially, Two-Face sets out to prove, that given the right circumstances, Holman could be converted to Two-Face’s way of thinking. Namely that the universe is a chaotic place where any values we attempt to impose are transient and ultimately meaningless. Take that, Alan Moore!"

Heh. Okay, so he's pretty much saying that he'd pulling a Killing Joke scenario here. We agree on that, yes? Putting aside the fact that it's kinda been done to death, there already HAS been a story like that with Two-Face. But sadly, that amazing story is completely forgotten, so I can't blame Hine for wanting to tell his own tale. Besides, who’s to say there isn’t more potential for that premise?

After all, many people *did* respond to JA:TF, especially thanks to the ending. Hine had high aspirations there, "hoping that this will turn out to be a good old-fashioned twist-in-the-tail type of story that Uncle Creepy would have been proud of." A fine goal, one with horror-geek cred.

So how did he do? You’ll certainly hear my thoughts, but in the end, you must be the judge. I mean that more literally than you might suspect.

Harvey meets the man he could have been--or, looked at it another way, the man who could become him--behind the cut )

Postscript: When I first posted this to About_Faces, my Batman fanblog, David Hine opened an LJ account purely to respond to my review. I was surprised, to say the least, and also a bit nervous. Okay, a LOT nervous. But to his considerable credit, Hine was nothing but civil, and many other comics professionals would do well to follow his example when it comes to interacting with fans. Even passionate, opinionated geeks like me. :)

As such, I think it's only fair to give David Hine the last word here: "... perhaps you'd like to take this into account. This is 'Joker's Asylum'. This isn't me telling a comic book story about Harvey Dent. It's The Joker telling a story about Harvey Dent. Read it again from that perspective."
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[personal profile] shadowpsykie already posted four three pages of how Diana got here. Here's three one more pages showing how Diana gets the best of Nemesis.

As seen below, Original Flavor Diana is now a host for Nemesis. Clotho split off a fragment of Di, her innocent self, and created the Odyssey world to keep her safe and have her raised in the Amazon tradition despite the destruction of the island. As they fight, Nemesis!Di explains that she doesn't need nu!Diana to keep her foothold in the world, but to keep the world's hatred and murder flowing, she has to bring its greatest noblest warrior to heel. So she set about destroying everyone and everything nu!Diana loves, to crush her spirit and make her hate the modern world.

nu!Diana drops the little sketch of Wonder Woman her young friend gave her at Nemesis' feet, and explains that as she lived in the modern world she became part of it - its inhabitants are her brothers and sisters now. So, she's still a noble champion.

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"It didn't work. It could never work...The soul of an amazon could never be bent to your brand of hate. I could NEVER be your champion," Diana says to the fading out of the Morrigan.

But she doesn't notice the Morrigan reappear behind her, and grab the big-ass sword. "In that case, Diana of Themiscyra...YOU CAN DIE!!!" dun dun DUNNNNN
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I am back! This day had probably one of the worst moments at the con, but it did have some good news. Also, we had one panel where DC DIDN'T brag about diversity! Too bad it was the Green Lantern Panel. But first, legality!



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Information from the San Diego Comic Con and some thoughts about the Green Lantern movie gave me an epiphany about Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

We want Peter Parker to be Barry Allen, not Hal Jordan.

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And following up on q99 's link to Wonder Woman #611, we have the last pages of this.... divergent existence... for Diana.

And we find out why it was so vital that Clotho hid a secondary-thread of Diana's life and fate within the main tapestry of Diana of Themyscira's life.

(with nods to Bluefall, too)

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