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I just discovered artist Jack Davis passed away a few days ago at the age of 91. He's generally remembered for his work on MAD but he also worked on EC's horror titles. Here's one I posted a few years back, "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime" from 'Vault of Horror' #33.

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With October starting soon, I figured I'd ask once again if anyone would like to see any specific stories published by EC Comics or Warren (who published stuff like Creepy). Wikipedia at least has a complete list of each of all the stories under each EC title if there's anything that grabs your attention. 

EDIT: Also if anyone wants to see any Junji Ito stories for Halloween, I can post those too.

Here's a story I first posted here way back in 2011 titled "Let the Punishment fit the Crime"...

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Nearly all comics publishers run ads regularly for their own titles, within their own titles. EC Comics, in the early 50s, had more fun with many such ads than did most of their competition.

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suggested tags: publication: MAD, creator: larry siegel, creator: jack davis, genre: satire, subject: nazis
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Here's a few samples from the first issue of YAK YAK in 1961, from Dell (there would be a second issue in 1962, not a sign of fevered public demand for this material). Weird comic. No ads, and some of the art was in regular four color but most was an odd experiment. The figures were left white, while the rest of the panels were light blue or pink or green. No borders on the panels and the dialogue was in rectangular balloons. It might not have been very good but it was distinctive. This was a style we later saw split-off Gold Key use on DR SOLAR.

Whether he was doing humor or horror, adventure or Westerns, Davis was always unique and enjoyable. Too bad the writing on this was so weak.


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