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"If I had to resort to comparisons to TV shows, I might say Uncanny [Inhumans] is sort of like Game of Thrones, while All-New is more like Homeland." - Charles Soule

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So the first issue of the new Gambit on going was pretty good. Fun, slick, well paced, well focused. Good, intriguing start. And more importantly it was hot.

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In Generation Hope #14, Hope and the Lights found a mind-wiped (by Emma) Sebastian Shaw in Pakistan and brought him to Utopia.

He's welcomed with open arms, obviously.

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Hope and Quentin Quire should hang out and hook up imho. Hot couple, Just Jared Jr material.

Other stuff is happening to the Lights that don't matter in this issue as well, btw.
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Looks like I was wrong about who will follow team Logan and who will follow team Scott after X-men Schism.

Generation Hope gets a new team, on paper and creatively.

And honestly I did not see that coming.

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Greetings True Believers! Here are 2 and 2/3 pages from Nation X #1 Kurt and Logan are bringing back a tanker truck full of gas to Utopia. You know what male X-Men talk about? Come on, you know. Plus another funny scene. Spoilers and enjoy!

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I realise that everyone and their dog has the new copy of Runaways before me, mainly because my local comic provider is in some sort of time warp. Anyway, this moment caused me to laugh for a good few minutes. It's such a teenager moment.


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