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'The editor I worked with on a couple small things asked “have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy?” and I said, “Oh yeah, it was fun!” and he says, “Howard is at the end of that…” spoilers, by the way… and he says, so I think Howard might be a big thing now, we should do something! It became something like a game of chicken, where I didn’t know if I had the job or not. I would pitch to him and we would keep going back and forth about designs of the character, or artists. He asked if I wanted to do a cover and start writing a script. But… no one has told me if I have the job. Do I assume I have the job? I never had the moment where I was like “look at me! I’m writing Howard the Duck!” because I never had anyone tell me I had the job. Which is weird because I’ve written three issues.' -- Chip Zdarsky

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Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

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