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'The editor I worked with on a couple small things asked “have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy?” and I said, “Oh yeah, it was fun!” and he says, “Howard is at the end of that…” spoilers, by the way… and he says, so I think Howard might be a big thing now, we should do something! It became something like a game of chicken, where I didn’t know if I had the job or not. I would pitch to him and we would keep going back and forth about designs of the character, or artists. He asked if I wanted to do a cover and start writing a script. But… no one has told me if I have the job. Do I assume I have the job? I never had the moment where I was like “look at me! I’m writing Howard the Duck!” because I never had anyone tell me I had the job. Which is weird because I’ve written three issues.' -- Chip Zdarsky

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They've helped him to both find and fight things out in the course of his heroic career.

In two other universes, they've helped him do those things in the service of more villainous ideals.

One of those universes has a Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman. The other has the Age of Apocalypse. )


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