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"You know, I've talked to other writers about this, and Etrigan is one of the big challenges for a writer, because he speaks mostly in rhyme and there are a lot of great writers who've done really great things with Etrigan and all his rhyming." -- Charles Soule

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"Alec Holland has been given so much power and he doesn’t really know what he’s supposed to be using it for. Imagine someone’s given a machine gun and told they have to fire it – but when, and at whom – that’s up to the person holding that gun. That’s Swamp Thing right now." -- Charles Soule

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"I think the one thing Swamp Thing has been consistent with during its entire run is that it's a book about ideas. It's a place where writers and artists can try almost anything - and they often do." -- Charles Soule

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"Because Swamp Thing’s now running around in the same world as the rest of DC’s great lineup, I can put him into situations where he’s interacting with other superpowered characters — in some cases for the first time. Many possibilities for great stories, and I’m going to do what I can to tell a few!" -- Charles Soule

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'One of things that I set out to do when I started writing "Swamp Thing" was to give him more of a supporting cast. Swamp Thing's supporting cast was primarily Abby Arcane.' -- Charles Soule

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SOLDIER ZERO #1 came out this month. It's the first comic of the new superhero line that Stan Lee is doing in conjunction with Boom! Studios. I know that Stan Lee's name gets attached to a half dozen new projects every day of the week that ends in Y, but by all indications he's genuinely hands-on involved with this one, overseeing the books every step of the way.

He's paired with a different writer for each of the titles in the line, but in SZ's case, he's working with Paul Cornell. Judging by the first issue, the two of them have managed to create a superhero very much in the classic Stan Lee mode.

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One page from Superman #697, in which the Legion Espionage Squad reunites.

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And the request: I just finished reading The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy and the History of Comic Book Heroines. It mentions at one point in the 1990s the Wasp of the Avengers started mutating into an actual wasp? Does anyone have scans of this?

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