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"I know from experience that if you’re the only person your friends know who works in the law, then they call you for every legal problem they experience, even if it has nothing to do with your specialty. Lawyers are generally hyper-focused on one practice area or another, just like a person with a medical degree might specialize in brain surgery or podiatry or whatever. For whatever reason, though, many folks don’t seem to make the same distinction with attorneys. Applying that logic to She-Hulk, it just made sense to me that if she hung out a shingle, she’d be getting calls from all over the place. Seemed like a nice engine for a series." -- Charles Soule

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"When I'm working in the Marvel Universe, I like to deconstruct its concepts, to some degree. She-Hulk has plenty of examples of that - how could it work if someone wanted to emigrate from Latveria to the United States, for example." -- Charles Soule

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'It can certainly be a challenge sometimes to make sure the book remains exciting despite all the chatter, but fortunately, I've got a few not-so-secret weapons -- Javier Pulido, Muntsa Vicente and, as you'll all soon see, Ron Wimberly. All of the artists on the book are able to take scenes that could be "shot" in relatively static ways and liven them up to an extraordinary degree.' -- Charles Soule

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Interviewer: In our initial interview you talked about Javier Pulido's sense of design and page layouts. How has that manifested in some of the pages you've seen so far? Are there some sequences from the first couple issues that you were especially impressed by?

Charles Soule: Literally every sequence, and that isn't puffery. Javier is brilliant -- he's a pure storyteller, and he takes every one of my ideas and makes them more interesting. He's told me repeatedly that all he needs is a good story. Give him that, and he can work miracles, and it's certainly been the case on "She-Hulk." Honestly, my scripts are pretty tight -- or at least I think so until Javier gets his hands on them. He tends to break them apart a little and reconfigure the paneling in large and small ways to make something new that's a killer synthesis of both of our takes. Just a true collaboration.


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"This [book] is very personal to me, considering my legal background -- Jen's office in Dumbo, Brooklyn is in the same building as my office. It would have been rough if people hated it." -- Charles Soule

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"I've said this before, but it bears repeating: Lawyer She-Hulk cosplay = I'll give you FREE LEGAL ADVICE. I know. What a country! Oh, also, offer good for dudes and ladies." -- Charles Soule

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In which She-Hulk hires a fellow Avenger for her new law practice...

"I've been practicing law for quite a while now - and I think that it would be silly of me not to bring that experience to writing a character with a law degree. The way it plays out is pretty fun, I think. I get to sort of write the Marvel Universe version of my own life." -- Charles Soule

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I normally wait a month before posting from a new issue so that I can put up more than four pages, but I enjoyed this first issue so much that I didn't. That was a month ago, though. Now that four weeks have passed, here's the full seven pages from the comic.

"Well, this is one of those funny situations where the depiction of lawyers in pop culture comes up against my own experience as an attorney. The 'detective' side of things sort of happens, but generally it's executed by logging into a legal research system and slogging through tons of old case law. But, I am not only an attorney, I am also a writer, which means I know that reality sometimes has to take a step back to allow for some drama." -- Charles Soule

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A few pages from the first issue of the new She-Hulk series, which debuted this week...

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THE SHADE 6 continues the previous issue's examination of the superhero scene in the DC Universe's Spain...

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I actually thought the last couple issues of ASM were a bit decent--Peter struggling with the people dying around him, the "Human Torch" memorial issue and even the Flash!Venom prelude. In retrospect, they were all absent of one thing--the Embodiment of Evil known as Carlie Cooper.

Well...she's baaaaaaaaaaaack....

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So a month ago, I started to explore to themes of Harvey being the Trial by Fire for the Robins, starting with Jason and then Tim. Now, of course, there is no Robin who has a more bitterly personal connection with Harvey than the first, Dick Grayson. It seems, in fact, that Two-Face is now officially Dick's arch-nemesis.

But why? How did this come about? What is it about Harvey, one of Batman's very worst enemies (second only to the Joker, IMO), that makes him ideally suited to be Dick's # 1?

I was going to post scans from "Prodigal" (the first "Dick as Batman" story from the 90's), but before I do that, I think it'd be best if we actually went back a bit further. Starting with the prelude to "Prodigal"--ROBIN #0 from 1994--and including the expansion/revisions of that story in the more-popularly-read ROBIN: YEAR ONE, both of which are helmed by Chuck Dixon, whom I believe we can therefore credit for inventing this particular archenemy dynamic.

Now, I consider Dixon to be one of the finest Batman writers, the only one of the 90's trio of Dixon, Moench, and Grant to be worth a damn (and the three of them working on "Prodigal" next week will be further proof of why I feel that way). And yet, he also writes what I consider to be one of the worst depictions of Two-Face ever put to print.

This might be due to the fact that Dixon, as far as I know, has never written a villain sympathetically. They're all either criminal masterminds (Blockbuster, Two-Face) or shifty losers (the Riddler Year One annual, Cluemaster). Best as I can tell, Dixon writes expressly for the heroes, which he does wonderfully. Problem is, that means the villains, even antivillains like Harvey and Mr. Freeze, suffer as a result.

Not that there aren't strengths to this depiction of Two-Face...

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And thus the stage is set for the imminent rematch between Dick (who will be assuming the mantle of Batman for the first time) and Two-Face in "Prodigal." Hopefully next week, after over a month of talkin' about it, I'll finally get to those scans as well.

Suggested tags:

char: two-face/harvey dent
char: batman/bruce wayne
char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson
char: robin/red robin/tim drake
creator: chuck dixon
creator: scott beatty
creator: javier pulido
creator: tom grummett
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[personal profile] cloud_wolf requested some Bruce/Dick interaction scenes from Robin Year One and I said I'd help out. I read this for the first time maybe a month or two ago and absolutely loved it. It's long, but I read it so fast, it actually felt short. There's four parts and each part is comprised of 52 pages.

Beautiful art and little! Dick Grayson being awesome. What more could you ask for?

Also, I decided to pop in a sketch I got from Cameron Stewart over the weekend at the Wizard World Comic Con in Toronto, it's pretty awesome.


Some Bruce/Dick/Alfred chats in Robin:Y1 )

Red Hood by Cameron Stewart :-) )

Suggested tags: char: alfred pennyworth, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, creator: scott beatty, creator: cameron stewart, creator: javier pulido, creator: robert campanella,

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creator: max fiumara,title: amazing spider-man,char: rhino/aleksei sytsevich,char: spider-man/peter parker, creator: joe kelly,creator: javier pulido


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