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All-New Hawkeye #4 and #5

IGN: Any final words on All-New Hawkeye about what fans can expect from the series?

Jeff Lemire: Stunning art from Ramon Perez. And there is a twist at the end of issue 5 that NO ONE is going to see coming.

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Descender #1

"Jeff Lemire has dreamt up an emotional, imaginative new universe, lavishly brought to life by the great Dustin Nguyen. I can't wait to see where they take TIM-21 next."

- Brian K. Vaughan

"I love Jeff Lemire. I love Dustin Nguyen. But believe me when I say Descender #1 is the best I've seen from both. This is a 5 star book!"

- Mark Millar

"An epic sci-fi tale with a huge heart."

- Scott Snyder

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Plutona #1

"I was a HUGE Stand By Me fan as a kid. That movie had a massive impact on me. I saw it when I was the same age as the boys in that film. It really spoke to me."

- Jeff Lemire

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Green Arrow #17 - The Killing Machine Part 1


"I've never done a book that's an action book like this, or a noir crime book. And that's something I really wanted to try. So there's that.
And for me, the challenge was trying to keep it really fast-paced. When issue #17 opens, my first issue, it really starts with a bang and moves really quickly from there." - Jeff Lemire

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist & Colorist: Andrea Sorrentino

7 of 22 pages

Warning: Violence

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Preview of Lemire and Nguyen's "Descender"

I make no secret of the fact I love Dustin Nguyen's work and Jeff Lemire has a good track record, and they are working together on a series which looks very promising, and has a preview up at Comics Alliance, where Nguyen's inkwash style is being pointed in a new direction; sci-Fi.

Our hero is Tim and his pet Bandit (named, I'm going to guess, after Jonny Quest's dog.)

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Teen Titans: Earth One - Namecheck Request

Jeff Lemire plus Terry and Rachel Dodson revealed a cave painting foreshadowing the future of the Earth One graphic novels, but I need help naming two Titans in it. Has anyone read this?

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Justice League United #1

So last issue, Stargirl and Animal Man followed Adam Strange to the site of the alien abduction, where they were attacked by aliens and joined by Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow. The aliens unleash... something... and now they have to fight it.

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New Adam Strange

Justice League United 0 came out today, reintroducing Adam Strange to the nuDC universe (and also introducing Equinox, but her pages are pretty boring and don't tell us anything about her character yet).

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Ladies & Gentlemen, your new Justice League is...

DC have announced the post-Forever Evil line up for the Justice League, and that Justice League of America will indeed be finished following the event, being replced with Justice League United... Which sounds like it should be the name of League's football team rather than a comic book.

Be warned, there are fairly big spoilers beyond the cut, so none of the characters will be tagged.And the new teams are... )

The Third Dragon

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While I can't say I consider this character a fair replacement for his pre-52 counterpart, this bit is sorta badass.