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Ladies & Gentlemen, your new Justice League is...

DC have announced the post-Forever Evil line up for the Justice League, and that Justice League of America will indeed be finished following the event, being replced with Justice League United... Which sounds like it should be the name of League's football team rather than a comic book.

Be warned, there are fairly big spoilers beyond the cut, so none of the characters will be tagged.And the new teams are... )

The Third Dragon

Two scans from Green Arrow #24 )

While I can't say I consider this character a fair replacement for his pre-52 counterpart, this bit is sorta badass.

Justice League Dark #11 - Timothy Hunter's first appearance

Filling [personal profile] capnduckman 's request to see Tim Hunter. This is from issue #11, part three of "The Black Room" arc.

'I gave away all my magic.' )

I so love the art and characters in this, even if the main plot line with Dr. Faust didn't interest me all that much.

I have #12 and the Annual, but I haven't read them yet (whyyyyyyyy Dr. Mist??? Whyyyyyy?) so I'll be saving Timothy Hunter's other appearances for another day while I get caught up with this title.

United States Spectral Services

Jeff Lemire (Vertigo's Sweet Tooth, Essex County) takes over writing duties and takes the book in a new direction...

Justice League Dark #9 )

Dudes in Distress: Animal Man 5

This wasn't intended to be a Dudes in Distress post, but I realized at the last moment that it probably counts, doesn't it?

The Hunt, Conclusion )