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"We're all human, and we've all got that. That's worth something, being human. That's probably the moral of everything I've done, to be honest. It's not a great or meaningful message, but there we are. We exist." -- Al Ewing

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"I was inspired there by an old Stephen King story about a giant finger that erupts out of a plughole. When I handed in the plot for that episode, I was told I was a very sick man." -- Al Ewing

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"The original Civil War was a fairly simple choice -- either obey the Superhuman Registration Act or rebel against it -- with one side pitted against the other. The two sides in this new one are much murkier -- there are all sorts of gradations and moral mazes involved." -- Al Ewing

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"The Inhumans are trying to be friendly with the human world, but they're not the human world and they never will be. When you come out of the cocoon as an Inhuman, you are no longer standing on the same planet." -- Al Ewing

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'I've got a whole bunch of thoughts about the Inhumans, but relating to this [series] -- it's the "falling out of the world" aspect. You get that sometimes with mutants, as well -- that thing where you thought you were in a world that nurtured you, but actually you're in one that hates and fears you -- but it feels like a more extreme shift with the Inhumans, in that Inhumans have their own culture, their own rules, their own ethics, their own ways of doing things, much more than Mutants do.' -- Al Ewing

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After this week's grim Incredible Hulk story, ComicBookResources
has the Jade Giant has been up to since his newfound freedom.

Sometimes words just do fail you.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are four scans from Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #10. Wade is the funny and an awesome cover for the next issue.

Plus, four scans from The Savage Axe of Ares one-shot. (It's wonderful and I suggest you pick it up.) One scan of editors being funny, one scan of a creepy page and two pages of awesome art.


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