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Four pages from Avengers numbah 1, in which Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena take over as the creative team.

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The Dark Angel saga on X-Force was supposed to come out this week, but my local pusher, I mean CBS didn't get it. So I'm fuming, but I was able to get a little taste of the good stuff, and I wanted to share. has the preview. Two behind the cut.

Going straight through the eyeballs into the brain.

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Inside Out

Sep. 11th, 2011 01:36 am
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Following up on turtlefu's earlier post, there seems to be a surprising number of scenes in comics that involve a character exploding out from inside another character. Here's another one from Punisher volume 7, #5. It happens to be my favorite of this grotesque little mini-genre mostly because I like cheesy action films filled with one-liners.


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One page from Vengeance of the Moon Knight #5.

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char: marc spector/moon knight, char: peter parker/spider-man, book: vengeance of the moon knight, creator: gregg hurwitz, creator: jerome opena


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