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So people are already yanking these off the IGN interview page where these were featured, so I figured I’d do it myself!

I wrote the first two issues, art is by Aaron Alexovich, Inks by Megan Lawton, and color by Simon Trousselier and J.R Goldberg!" - Jhonen Vasquez

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Jhonen Vasquez is going to be doing an Invader Zim comic for Oni Press. Cover art under the cut. More info here.

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[personal profile] protogarrett asked for some Jhonen Vasquez to be posted here which took me on a trip down memory lane to those horribly awkward high school years 3 years ago in which I worshiped the guy. Anyways, here is some Wobbly Headed Bob, Filler Bunny, and Tickle-me Hellmo. I would post some JTHM but trying to re-read it makes my head hurt D:

Bad scanning ahoy, I'm really bad at this whole thing.

I say slightly NSFW for ummm lets say slight violence and bdsm?
Those who know Mr. Vasquez know that his work always carries a NSFW banner )

I'll post more later, [personal profile] protogarrett, I just felt bad making you wait so long but I had finals.

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