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With this issue, Jim Starlin takes over as the series' new writer. And as you can see from the cover, he wastes no time at all completely wiping out the previous status quo.

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Yup, Jim Starlin gave the guy who makes the Grinch look like an amateur a Christmas story... Sort of.. in this story from the 1992 Marvel Holiday Special

Featuring the cutest assassin you're ever likely to see. )
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This is a bit of a weird one, and not just because of its name. The Weird was a four-issue mini-series released by DC in 1988 and featuring two big names: writer Jim Starlin and penciller Berni (sans "e" as he signed himself at the time) Wrightson. For whatever reason, though, it seemed less than the sum of its parts, maybe just a little out of step with the times as two 70s comics icons found themselves in the late 1980s. The inks by Dan Green certainly didn't Wrightson's work any favours, and Starlin's interpretation of Superman is off, but on the other hand it's probably impossible for those two to go at something and not produce moments of worth.

That leads to these scans, from issue #2. The Weird is an energy creature from another dimension, escaped from slavery as a battery(!) to our world when his masters launch a plan to conquer the Earth. Unfortunately he can't live in this dimension in his non-corporeal form and solves the problem in the most literal way possible: he hijacks the body of the newly deceased Walter Langley and begins his quest to save the world. An initial encounter with the JLA gets him on the wrong side of the law, as they're concerned about the minor fact that his new body is unstable and when it blows he's taking a large chunk of the planet Earth with him -- The Weird knows this, but thinks he can finish his mission before that.

The nice moment is an extended sequence with Walter Langley's son, Billy (ummm....). Parts of The Weird still are Langley and he feels a need to find Billy and explain to him what is going before it ends up all over the 5 o`clock news.

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As promised, a single issue showcasing the many sides to Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Good art, shitty scans after the cut. 8 pgs out of 24

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This is an essay written by myself and [personal profile] whitesycamore. It was posted on fuckyeahjasontodd in two parts: part one and two. We have updated and added a few more elements and scenes to the essay.

This essay is heavily meta-textual and is a deconstruction and analysis of how Jason was painted as a character post-death (and resurrection). Obviously, Jason Todd can't literally be "blamed" for his own death by anyone, since as a fictional character he has no autonomy, and therefore cannot be guilty or innocent, blameless or deserving. Neither are we suggesting that anyone in the Bat-family canonically believes that Jason deserved to die. However, we will argue that a victim blaming attitude is pervasive in the way Jason's death was written about after the fact. Moreover, this victim blaming would not only be unjust in a real life context, it also requires the reader to ignore many vital plot details of A Death In The Family.

The death of Jason Todd is one of the most iconic moments in Batman's history. The loss of his young partner is one of the greatest tragedies of Bruce Wayne's life, considered about as great as the deaths of his own parents when they were gunned down in front of him.
Following Jason's death, the Dark Knight is tormented by his own failure to prevent it, and during the years afterwards, Jason was most frequently alluded to in the context of Bruce struggling with this guilt.
However, Jason's death is also often described as the inevitable result of his own reckless and disobedient nature. Sometimes this goes even further, and Jason is implied to -- and readers are meant to assume -- that he was responsible for, or even deserving of his own fate.

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This is probably going to be disjointed and rather stream-of-consciousness. It was sparked by ponderings made after I got the news--if anyone's been curious as to where I've been, that's half of the answer; the other is that my main computer crapped out on me and it'll still be a little while before I get the funds together to fix it--and a general dissatisfaction with certain portrayals of certain illnesses in comics anyway (any die-hard fans of Judd Winick probably aren't going to like what I say about his portrayal of an HIV-positive character . . .).

Anyway, first the cut.
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I guess I have to put tag suggestions here? char: Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, Marvel Graphic Novel aka The Death of Captain Marvel, discussion (I don't know quite how those should be tagged), anything else? I'm really bad at tags.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; I do recall an ad for the American Cancer Society, I think, depicting Commissioner Gordon dying of lung cancer from the mid-80s? or so . . .
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A recent post sparked some comments on the role of good and bad parents in the bat mythos, and how Thomas and Martha Wayne are almost always shown as damn near perfect. I thought I'd post a few scans from Batman 430 (an issue about a rooftop sniper about to go on a killing-spree) which contains a flashback to Bruce's childhood and casts the Waynes in a different light.

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title: batman, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: jim gordon, char: thomas wayne, char: martha wayne, creator: jim starlin, creator: jim aparo
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Greetings True Believers! Conan of Cimmeria is well-known for settling arguments with his sword or axe but did you also know his words are as powerful as his thews? Watch as Conan makes an entire village go "Oh, Snap!" and puts a prideful wench in her place!

Plus as an added treat, a great piece of Conan art by Neal Adams!

Suggested Tags: char: conan the barbarian, title: the savage sword of conan, publisher: marvel, creator: neal adams, creator: roy thomas, creator: jim starlin, creator: al milgrom

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Apparently there's this little debate going on about Boy Wonder behinds and thighs.

It all started with this thread. Then I posted something about Jason Todd's behind and thighs here and[personal profile] icon_uk replied in kind on Mr. Sexy Ass Dick Grayson here and here, with[personal profile] ficticons jumping into the melee with some awesome stuff here on Tim Drake and Jason.

So I had to consult my adorkable friend, theminiwheat, who's an expert on all things Jason and his body parts, to get her help on what to include here. I included one piece of fan art, the rest are all comic images. Fan art may be a little nsfw due to gore.
So hopefully now THIS rests my case. ;-)

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I'm late for Martial Arts Week. Here's a battle between Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu, and M'nai, the Midnight Sun. One will live. One will die and then get his body stolen and revived by Kree scientists to fight the Silver Surfer some years later.

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Pretty sure this hasn't been posted.

This is Dick and Jason's very first meeting from Batman 416. Say hello to Discowing. This is also the issue when Bruce says he took on Jason because he missed Dick, which results in Dick giving Jason his old costume (how many of these things does he have?!) in a sweet moment at the end, which I included.

Best moment imho: Dick descending on a bunch of bad guys saying My name's Nightwing! I may not be the gent you were expecting but let me assure you , like him, I'm the stuff of nightmares. )

Credits: Jim Starlin (plot, script); Jim Aparo (pencils); Mike DeCarlo (inks); Adrienne Roy (colors); Agustin Mas (letters); Dennis O'Neil (edits)
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So, Thanos is cool, right?

Well, yes. However . . .

And this series is also why I was so excited when Adam turned up during Annihilation: Conquest.
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Batman #414, #421, #422; 7 scans from each issue, plus the cover.

These three issues form a bigger story arc. The basic plot is such: there's been a series of killings of young women in Gotham, and Batman is searching the murderer. There are a few headdesky plot points, but don't let that drive you away: it's a very good story. #422 especially is wonderfully constructed, but the rest is nonetheless interesting on its own.

I'm posting it because it's an arc than ran during Jason's period as Robin, and though Jason only appears in #422, the story deals with some themes that are inherently linked to his character. Emotional involvement, anger issues, the difference between what is “just” and what is legal, attitude toward women-as-victims, all of which are expanded upon. My comments regarding how the action relates to Jason's character are in italics.

Batman #422 is Jason's last appearance before Garzonas, in Batman #424.

7 scans from Batman 414 + cover )

7 scans from Batman 421 + cover )

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