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"We also get some journalism at last. . . . I get to be TRANSMETROPOLITAN Warren Ellis for a few pages." -- Kieron Gillen

Now that the Annual came out this week, this is no longer the latest issue, so here are seven pages from Part 4 of "Iron Metropolitan."

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"There’s a British designer called Matt Jones that said, the quote is, let me see if I can get it right, 'A city is a battle suit for surviving the future.' Basically, the concept of Iron Metropolitan is, what if the Marvel Universe’s greatest designer of battle suits put his mind to design a city?" -- Kieron Gillen

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"If you’re a superhero mainstream fan, you may think of a riff on a certain major comics property, and you’d be correct. I’ll maybe talk about this more down the line, as there’s much to reveal. While I play up to it in certain places in the story (as here), we’ll be downplaying it elsewhere." -- Kieron Gillen, touching on the similarity between his new Iron Man villains and a certain hot DC property.

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'I think most people see the fact that this is additive rather than destructive . . . And it introduces ideas like "Who are Tony's parents?" and "Who is Arno?" I haven't removed anything from Tony. There are no stories from the past that we can't do anymore. I've only created new ones. To me, that fits a Hippocratic Oath kind of vibe. I do no harm!' -- Kieron Gillen, on the big retcon

A new arc, "Iron Metropolitan," begins...

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Since Stunner's returning next week in Superior Spider-Man, I thought I'd post about her role in the resurrection of Doctor Octopus, and what happened to her. It's a little bit of a follow-up to my last post where we were introduced to Stunner and saw Otto get killed.

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It was mentioned before that Deathstroke's history with the Titans was wiped out by Flashpoint.

Here's how the story of his son Grant Wilson went down in the new continuity.
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JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #20 came out in February, and covered Max Lord's motivations. How he went from "manipulative but decent" to "shoot Ted Kord in the head."
A teenaged Max comes home and finds his father dead from an apparent suicide. Max's mother has a different opinion.

"...good people are going to get hurt."

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[personal profile] jazzypom requested "Wanda/Captain America where she mind 'roofies him'" and I just so happened to have these issues: Captain America and the Falcon #6 and #7, part of Avengers Disassembled. Five full pages, one partial page and one cover from one issue, three full pages and one partial page from the next.

Cover: Wanda and Cap kiss
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In the Clone Saga post, Ben and Matt bemoan the loss of the world's heroes during the Onslaught event. They weren't actually alone, but to average people nobody else really counted. The X-men, Hulk, and New Warriors were all pretty insular and often low profile. The strange result was that the two 'loner' heroes tended to show up together in crossovers. Read more... )
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It's hard to find two people more opposite in personality and power than Fire and Ice, but that's part of the reason they make such good friends. The other reason is that they're always there for each other. Except for when one is dead. Luckily, this is the DCU, where death is temporary.

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So because I was rereading this and because it hasn't been posted from what I saw. It's relevant with Rose going back to the Titans. And I actually did enjoy it so yeah...

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