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I'd say I'm sorry.... but I'm really not.

I mean honestly, why would I be? And with this movie still running, I'm trying to get as many people to watch it as possible. Twice, if I can pull that.

This one's about Pitch again, and the demons that lived long, long ago, when the darkness ruled the earth.

Chinese Dragon? Ah! )

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This time released by Dreamworks--more Pitch Black, by Johane Matte, Perry Maple and WoonYoung Jung. 

Johane Matte, by the way, is Rufftoon, who is STILL drawing ROTG comics on Tumblr even now.

Some Rufftoon official Dreamworks pages, some Phobs amazing art, and a pinch of my own art )

Also, can we have a Rise of the Guardians tag? :)) I may make more posts after this one.

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While technically not comic book characters, these ladies have left a lasting impact in the generation that grew up with A: TLA. The show was rich universe to play around with in, with actual characters with motivations. These were not cookie cutter ladies, but true individuals with issues and personal drama, and they all in their own special way rose to the meet the challenges presented to them, as heroes or villains.

And they do get great moments in the filler comics between Seasons.

Once more unto the breach )


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