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The original X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST story from UNCANNY X-MEN #141-142 is very popular. But I think it is popular for a different reason than most lay-people outside X-Men fandom think.
(Also, a Magneto/Quicksilver theory after the cut.)

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"[DC] gave DOOM PATROL far more promotion than Marvel had given X-MEN - THE HIDDEN YEARS. The problem lay in the retailers who flat out refused to order the book for their customers who asked for it. Retailers who were Grant Morrison fans and insisted that only his DOOM PATROL was allowable."

"You know the fan typified by the Comic Shop Guy on THE SIMPSONS thinks Morrison bestrides the universe as a god. Much of today's talent pool is drawn from that kind of mindset. And, of course, those who do it for the money, declaring themselves 'trapped' by superheroes. Boo hoo." - John Byrne

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'I'm really tired of seeing myself referred to as "bitter". Let's get this really clear and straight in all our minds (no matter how tiny and useless some of those minds may be): I am not bitter. I am ANGRY.

'I have seen comics, an entertainment form once intended for the widest possible audiences, and an entertainment form to which I have dedicated a most of my adult life, turned into a niche market exercise in mutual masturbation for aging fanboys and ennui engorged bungee jumpers.

'I have seen characters I grew up loving and admiring, and even perhaps trying to emulate, turned into bleak, empty, virtually pornographic caricatures of themselves.

'I have seen something which was once done purely for the love of it turned into something that is all about money.

'And, ladies and gentlemen, I am PISSED.'
- John Byrne

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Trio #4

Dec. 21st, 2013 07:25 pm
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'From my own perspective, it's about choice/control. If the piece is what the artist intended it to be, it's art. This is why Roy Lichtenstein's plagiarism is art, but Jackson Pollock's dribbling isn't.' - John Byrne

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"I suspect the reaction from TREK fans will be much the same as with my previous work, which is to say almost universally positive. There is little actual crossover between TREK fans and comic fans, so my fellow Trekkies have not been programmed to think of me as the Great Satan. Free minds are healthy minds!" - John Byrne

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Trio #3

Dec. 13th, 2013 06:16 pm
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'One afternoon, during one of my summer parties, I wandered into the studio to find a small clutch of my fellow professionals had gathered in there. One of these was a good friend, who had brought with him his wife and small daughter (maybe three years old). I walked in to find her sitting on the floor playing with my Aquaman figure. "She was bored," said my friend, "so I gave her Aquaman to play with. He doesn't matter." His exact words, burned into my brain. I took the toy from the child and replaced it on the shelf. "Does to me," I said.' - John Byrne

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Trio #2

Dec. 9th, 2013 01:01 pm
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'As we all know too well, there is a prominent -- and increasingly dominant -- slice of pros, fans and retailers who are deep into middle age, and after reading the comics all these years they want the characters to reflect their lives (or what they wish their lives could be). There is only one word for this: selfish. But this is, alas, a ship that long ago sailed, hit the reefs and sank.'

'Newsflash: "adults" get old and lose interest in a lot of things. It's called "growing up". And if the toys of youth no longer interest you, that reflects the fact that you are changing, not that there is any inherent flaw in the toys. Any "adult" -- and I use the word advisedly -- who insists that the things he enjoyed as a kid should be changed so that he can enjoy them as an adult is a selfish ass.'
- John Byrne

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Trio #1

Nov. 18th, 2013 04:10 pm
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'In times gone by, feeling that you'd read the stories before was one of the clearest signs that you'd been reading too long and it was time to move on. The "thrill of the new" has a very small window in superhero comics, and depends much more on audience turn-over than changes to the characters. Or used to, before much of the audience turned into a legion of squatters who want their entertainment needs to come before the health of the product.' - John Byrne

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'I want these books to read as if they’ve been around for a while, so the reader is dropped into the middle of the action, instead of having to wade thru an origin issue (or six). Backstory is picked up as we go along.

'This is, of course, how I was first introduced to comics. Superman, Batman, Flash, even the FF had been around for a while (I had no idea how long!), and it was fun to “play detective” and pick up the Who, What, Where, When and Why as I read, issue to issue.'
- John Byrne

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Cold Fire!

Jul. 1st, 2013 09:17 pm
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The run-up to the Independence Day holiday seems like a good time to post some Captain America stories, don't you think? I'm not sure if we've posted the classic "Cap for President" story from Captain America #250 on this community, so instead let's have the next two issues, guest-starring a favorite Cap villain.

Seven pages of twenty-two from #251, five pages of seventeen from #252, one page of five from a backup feature and an ad.

Remember Roxxon? )

And as we casually stroll into the setting sun, your thoughts and comments?

eta: Yes, we have posted Cap #250, here:
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Okay, finally got around to digging out a Marvel comic, Alpha Flight #22 (first series.)

Some context for our younger readers: At the end of the first year of Alpha Flight, their leader Guardian was killed off and the team largely broke up, so the next year focused on stories spotlighting one or two of the members, while advancing the various subplots leading up to the #25 milestone issue. Of course, keeping all the balls in the air means that sometimes a writer gets a little stuck, and in this case had to come up with a villain by looking at his eraser.


Seven pages of a 22-page story, plus a treat.

The title of the story is 'Rub-Out' )

If this is your rirst time at Scans Daily, a friendly reminder that we don't do fat-shaming here.

Your thoughts and comments?

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This issue begins the arc that John Byrne said he decided to greatly modify and cut short because the most recent Doctor Who season finale was too similar to his original plan. Since then, on his forum, he's been regularly taking bitter potshots at Who showrunner Steven Moffat and his work. It's hilarious.

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I'm not quite sure what to make of 2011 as a year, it had it's moments sure but overall it's been sort of... "Meh" ... It's been more of a period of uncertainty and fluctuation rather than definite "things" (and the things we did have weren't always positive to say the least). The massive worldwide socio-economic/political efforts sweeping a lot of us individuals before them like leaves on a river hasn't really helped.

Even in the comics side of things it's been a little weird. Marvel with the crossovers and then DC with Flash-What's-The-Point and their daring and adventurous Really-Not-A-Reboot-Honest-Oh-All-Right-It-Sort-Of-Is has been a mixed bag for this old timer to say the least, some good stuff to be sure, but at the cost of a lot of already good stuff, and uncertainty about whether it can be maintained.

But I want to leave the year on, if not a high point, at least a cute one...

Be warned... here be chibis )

And for sheer Festive Crackiness

Batman and Robin meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Hitman... No, I'm NOT making it up )

A Happy New Year to everyone and may 2012 bring you all that you hope and some pleasant surprises too!

(Me, I'm just hoping that I can get through the bloody fuss over the Olympic Games without actually causing physical harm to someone)
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Greetings, Mortals!

Fair Warning : This entry is about Darkseid's youth according to John Byrne. I hope you don't confuse it with the story done by Grant Morrison.

Darkseid, the Tiger-Force at the core of all things. His rocky visage be the aspect that makes us cry out in our dreams.

Youth of a Super-Fiend )
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Newsarama is counting down the 10 most wish-we-could-forget moments in DCU history, and I missed this one.

Did THIS really happen?! Was I actually able to forget this ever occurred? Can I do it again?

The S stands for Sleaze.  )


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