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Last part of the Legends from Darkwood post series, I ended with a teaser that next time, I'd show the Unicorn's side of this, and that's where we'll begin, with the last post of the series.

Unicorns and Man-Creatures behind cut )
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This post follows off of part 2 of our Legends from Darkwood series.

Hiring an adventurer behind the cut )

Scans from Legends from Darkwood #2, 7 full pages and two partials from a 32 page issue.

part 1
part 2
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Following off of part 1, we continue our story of unicorns and hunters, this time focusing mostly on young Rose.

More Legends from Darkwood behind cut )

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Title: Legends from Darkwood
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Creator: Chistopher Reid
Creator: John Kantz
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The Last Unicorn post earlier immediately brought to mind another Unicorn comic, Legends from Darkwood. Which also has unicorn population problems.

Meet Raynd, the world's only Unicorn Hunter.

Because Maidens need to pay the bills too )


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