Frank Miller and Tom DeFalco cover the Kingpin's origin.

Here's some pages of Frank Miller before he went cray-cray, and Tom DeFalco borrowing the same pages for Spider-Man.

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Jimmy Olsen - during, and post Forever Evil

In the course of Forever Evil, the event that based on how long the ruddy thing has been going on for, certainly lives up to its name, we saw Ultraman invade the offices of the Daily Planet, where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are about the only people left.
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CAPTAIN AMERICA #3: Steve's childhood and other stuff

CAPTAIN AMERICA: STRANDED IN DIMENSION Z was a very sci-fi pulp way to start the most recent Captain America series. And throughout the series are various flashbacks to Steve's 1920s-30s childhood in the Lower East Side, complete with the whole "Steve's father was an alcoholic" that they first revealed in an Iron Man story, IIRC.
Anyway, here's some more about Steve's childhood.

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UNCANNY X-MEN #200: Pro-mutant humans?

We rarely see pro-mutant humans in the X-books, but while many people hate and fear mutants, some are willing to go the protest-and-sign route to *support* mutants.
Here's an older example of the X-men getting some support in France during Magneto's trial.

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Daredevil and the Holiday Season 3

Still convalescing from a beating he took from an army of super-villains, Daredevil decides to have a beer and runs into the devil:

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Daredevil and the Holiday Season 2

Kingpin has ruined Matt's life, but he's not completely happy with the result:

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Wakandans are assholes

As requested in my previous post, here's the scene from Hudlin's run on Black Panther where he reveals that Wakanda has the cure for cancer (nevermind how little sense that makes) but refuses to share it.

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2 2/3 pages from Black Panther 3.