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"That was a conversation in the room. Something that was absolutely talked about was should [the Fantastic Four] die? I had absolutely zero interest in telling that story. Because it runs completely contrary to everything that I feel about that franchise and everything that I feel about those characters." - Jonathan Hickman

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"I absolutely believe that people are looking for immersive content. The deep dive.

"So, to take something current for example, when the first issue of Secret Wars came out, there was a ton of chatter about how it wasn't accessible and it was the wrong way to start an event and people would 'tune out' -- and when the second issue came out, that it should have been the first issue because it was more accessible. Which is fine, but I disagreed because I wanted to convert the casual reader of one story into invested readers of the much bigger thing I had been doing.

"This has turned out to be correct as digital and trade sales of my earlier Avengers books have spiked as a result." - Jonathan Hickman

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"One thing I learned about myself at the latest Marvel retreat, I pretty much only want to write villains." - Jonathan Hickman

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"As for reviews and such. I used to look at that stuff, but when you start working on bigger books at the big two, you can't really keep doing that. It gets too negative. There are just too many readers/fans/reviewers that are more invested in the characters than you as a creator. Which is fine for the fan, but bad for the artist. It's one of the reasons that some many of us love doing creator-owned. It's not just that the market has changed and we're making more money on those books, it's that the fan is there for the creators not the franchise. It's just a healthier experience." - Jonathan Hickman

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It was only when I was reading Secret Wars #7 (of 89) today that I realised who Jonathan Hickman's Namor the Submariner reminded me of
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"The Canadian elections are like a Jonathan Hickman comic. An endless sea of people with cool names, no personalities, and I just don't care." - Jonathan Hickman

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In the final issue of Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four before it switched over to FF, the Thing is mourning the loss of a teammate. How does one of the world's strongest superheroes work out his anger?

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When I was rereading and skimming through Hickman's Avengers & New Avengers to do the post on Smasher (and eventual posts on Pod & Validator), I took more notice of the art in these two runs. In particular, I took a closer look at Mike Deodato Jr.'s artwork that he provided for many of the issues. When the guy was good, he pretty dang good and drew some very nice pieces.

However, he was off his game, he drew some of the more impressive looking Escher girls and barbie dolls in comics that I've seen in this modern age. As such, let's take a trip down memory lane and highlight some of his more... sillier and questionable depictions of the female characters.

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Izzy and her wedgie-giving costume all artists like to detail.

If there was one thing I really liked during Jonathan Hickman's Avengers run, it was Issue #5, the introduction to Isbael "Izzy" Dare (later changed to Isabel Kane), the new Smasher. I thought it was a great issue that was filled with character, emotion, drama, no pretentiousness, and more. I walked away from the comic liking the character a lot and was excited to see where Hickman would take her... unfortunately, it didn't go so well.

As such, follow me as we look at everything she got to do and how little she did during this Avengers series.

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"The writer said that he plays with story elements like this because he hates getting bored and tries to keep himself entertained with his own projects. He even does that with his Avengers work at Marvel, noting that the current storyline might seem like it's all plot and no character development, but that's because he's going to come back in the third act and cover those elements. "That's a stupid way to tell the story," Hickman said, but reiterated that he just wants to keep himself entertained." - From Jonathan Hickman's Personal East of West Panel

8 out of 25 pages

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"The structure of the book is really funky. The first issue basically the introduction of the Colonel and the big mystery of the book. Then the second issue is built to explain exactly who he and [Shurra] are, and what drives them. Then the third issue pulls the rug out from under everything by explaining the mystery…and then chaos ensues.

So, yes, you’re going to get what you're talking about, but it's also much, much more. I just think that readers are so savvy when it comes to how to deconstruct – or predict – what kind of story they are reading and what to expect.

I strongly believe that if you have to play with both the story structure and the way you deliver information if you're going to offer a book that delivers a punch.
" - Jonathan Hickman

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Ryan Bodenheim
Colorist: Michael Garland

It took over five months for the third issue of The Dying and The Dead to be finally released (no seriously), so... let's finally take a look at the second issue that was released back in Apri.

If you don't remember the comic, click the link here to refresh yourself.

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"Well, I like doing different things, so this has been a lot of fun in that it has a different visual and storytelling language. Obviously, a lot of credit goes to Nick for how he's making the ideas concrete." - Jonathan Hickman

8 2/3 out of 26 pages

Warning for violence and gore.

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