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So it occurs to me that between Young Justice focusing heavily on Red Tornado lately particularly the latest episode it'd be nice to continue my 2 year old old posts of his last mini which introduced his siblings Red Inferno and Red Torpedo (and Red Volcano but he was around a little before the mini).

7 pages from a 22 page story. Sigh. Remember when DC had 22 page stories?

Inferno turns to the Dark Side? )
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When I first saw that Indigo or Brainiac 8 were going to appear in this final arc I was interested to see what role she'd play...

Two panels from Teen Titans #99 which is sadly the only story we get for Indigo thus far...

Rose versus Indigo (sorta) )

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In the last issue you were introduced to Red Torpedo and re-introduced to Red Volcano as Reddy searches for his robo siblings, now it's time to meet the Inferno, Red Inferno!



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