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The deluxe edition hit stores last week, so if you like the manga, hope you went out a bought a copy. Right now, we'll be continuing with the smelly oddness as we enter the sixth chapter of the series: The Death-Stench Creeps.

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With the deluxe edition of the manga coming out tomorrow, let's take a look at another chapter from the series. This time, it's Chapter 5: Flight.

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With this new outing with Gyo, we’ll cover the next two chapters back to back since they go together pretty well (6 pages from each). Let’s see how this fun train continues with Tadashi and Kaori as more fish with mechanical legs come ashore.

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Alright, we had our fun with the first chapter of Gyo, so let’s continue on and take a look at the second issue of the series! Things are going to get weirder.

Note: The pages are still from the Editor’s Choice edition of the manga from all the way back in 2003 instead of the newer editions.

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Junji Ito. There’s really nothing more to say about the guy. He’s one of the most celebrated horror creators around with famous series like Uzumaki and Tomie and memorable short stories, like the Enigma of Amigara Fault. However, sometimes even the best of creators… can have an off day. Hence, I present to you Ito’s other popular short series, Gyo.

With the hardcover release of Gyo coming soon, let’s take a look at this manga, in particular, the first chapter. Our pages below are from the Editor’s Choice edition of the manga from all the way back in 2003 instead of the newer edition.

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Once I was sitting with two strangers, and there were these crayons on the table for people to draw with. One of them starting drawing these spirals. When she was finished I admitted they were SERIOUSLY creeping me out. She said she was inspired by Junji Ito. I said they reminded me of this story about a cave with mysterious holes, and each hole was meant for an individual person and if you found the hole meant for you...

Yeah, that's Junji Ito, writing stories so powerful they turn crayons into instruments of dread. HP Lovecraft would be freaked out by his work.

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Here's a story from Junji Ito. Remember to read from right to left. Also a warning for brief nudity.

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That title isn't a joke. Junji Ito is having an official collaboration with Pokemon. Pokemon has created a site entitled "Kowapoke" (or "scary Pokemon") which features, among other things, Ito's take on certain Pokemon. So far only two are up, but they'll probably release more along the line.

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In this increasingly commercialized season, let's take a moment with Junji Ito to remember the true meaning of the holidays - being together with the people we love.

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Merry Christmas, everybody!
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I meant to post this yesterday as my big Halloween post but my schedule got in the way it is. It's been posted a couple of times here before but the images are dead.

For those not familiar with this, it's probably one of Ito's most famous stories.

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I wasn't planning on posting this but it was just scanlated by Ito translator 'iemonsy' so I figured I'd share it with you all.

Also this story is pretty gruesome so keep that in mind.

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Aug. 9th, 2013 05:19 pm
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So just a warning: this story is gross. Really gross. Not *violent* or *gory* but it's ummm... well you'll have to see for yourself. Don't eat anything before reading it, though.

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