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Some of you may remember that, back in 2014, Marvel published a 12-issues series "Iron Fist: The Living Weapon".
the new "The Immortal Iron Fist" is kind of a sequel to that series (same writer) where Danny Co-stars alongside Pei, a young girl from K'un Lun who warned Danny that the city of K'un Lun needed him in the previous series.

Something I don't see too talked about (and which Marvel seemingly had forgotten about) is what happened to Pei in that title (hell, I don't think she was even mentioned in "Power-man & Iron Fist" or the currently ongoing "Iron Fist" ).

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Doctor Octopus: Year One was a miniseries that came out in 2004 to coincide with Spider-Man 2. In other hands this could have been a cynical cash-grab but I think its obvious that Zeb Wells went for something deeper.

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"Did you seriously watch the coverage of Occupy Wall Street all those years ago and think, "Jesus, there's a seriously unhinged action comic here?"

- Warren Ellis

slightly NSFW for some Nudity

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Spider-Man: Reign is in my opinion one of the more underrated Spidey stories out there. There's a bit of a "all there is to know about 'The Crying Game'" twist that's overshadowed the rest of the story. It's also been derided as a knock off The Dark Knight Returns (and the similarities are acknowledged with a character called 'Miller Janson') but in my opinion all they have in common is the concept of an aging superhero being called out of retirement. Simply put, Spider-Man and Batman are two very different characters -- you're not going to see Spider-Man as a hardened vigilante beating the crap out of Captain America. They're also products of two different periods; TDKR takes place during the Cold War, while Reign (although the connection is not as explicit) draws parallels with a post-9/11 America.

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"I've been asked if I knew the ending to Iron Fist before I got there or if I just sort of found it on the way. When I first started work on Iron Fist, I had in mind a moment, a single image that both scared and excited me. And every issue, every single page was a step closer to that ending. It was the thing I set out to do, the task given to me by the voices of creativity. But a funny thing happened along the way...

By the time I reached that image--it didn't quite make sense anymore. It didn't feel finished or whole. So what do you do when you spend a year and a half building to something that was no longer true? When you fight so hard to reach that one moment you want and it's not the moment you need?

I felt a little like Danny Rand staring over the pathetic paraplegic murderer of his parents. Finally ready for revenge but having lost all appetite for it. That image, that goal was certainly what it took to endure the journey. The early mornings and late nights tackling the script and the art in my studio. But maybe it was never meant to be the destination.

If my journey as an artist wasn't to force the world into my creativity, what was it? And so I let go...
And abandoned myself to creativity itself.

And by doing so, the image changed. I rewrote/redrew that final moment and there it was."

- Kaare Andrews

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"In the past few years, he had become this sort of billionaire playboy who taught underprivileged children kung fu and donated his wealth to charities. I can't identify with a guy like that. Who is that guy? It's like Batman without a plan and no parental angst." - Kaare Andrews

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New announcements over at the House of Ideas as the interview with Senior Vice President of Sales and Circulation David Gabriel about how Marvel's best are getting limited series to play with. IGN has the interview with David Gabriel. Possible spoilers for Second Coming (The Return, Part II).

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...I'll just be over here barfing at the handling of Ororo and Emma this entire group shot on the promo image/cover for May's Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis miniseries. Image behind the cut.

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