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Given today's sad announcement of the death of Canadian singer Tom Connors, I thought I would post the comic Kate Beaton drew about him-- one of her earliest:
Here below )
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Some Hark! A Vagrant, which is really close to home. Even if I know nothing about the War of 1812.

"I want to force you to feel bad about the war..."

Canada. And stuff.  )
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From new designs by Kate Beaton, Carly Monardo and Meredith Gran, here are the rolemodels we have all been waiting for:

Finally, some women to look up to )
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If "sexy Batman" doesn't tempt you, then the fact that this comic is brought to you by Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant! surely will.

[ETA: Oops, I'm embarrassed. [personal profile] uadlika beat me to posting it here. Sorry. Carry on.]

Stupid sexy Batman! )
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A few people were asking about this since it hadn't made it here yet, so allow me to share!
Two pages from Strange Tales II #1

I must go on the hunt...FOR A DATE )

She has another story with Rogue in a future issue! These things always tend to be mixed bags, but some stories make the whole thing worth it.


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