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9 out of 27 pages

I have MLP icons, but yet I never did a single entry on any of the My Little Pony comics out there? Let's change that. Here's my personal favorite comic from all of the series out there.

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"I don’t want to be attempting to be Steve Gerber because therein lies madness. I’ll go crazy. People would be like, 'Close, but no cigar!' A lot of the satirical elements were downplayed and I played up the popularity of Marvel properties lately. I’m putting in guest stars because the old comics really reflected pop culture at the time with a lot of satire. Nowadays, Marvel is pop culture. Everywhere we look, there’s like a new Marvel movie coming out." -- Chip Zdarsky

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Since March is Women's History Month, Marvel are putting out a series of variant covers, all by female artists, and since they are not limited to drawing female characters, aside from being (IMHO) a much better idea than DC's "Cheescake covers" (We need to rely on Grayson covers for the "Beefcake" covers) some of them are just gorgeous!

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Since a bunch of people here are probably going to go with Gotham, I thought I'd tap another one of my fandom interests for this post...

I'm not particularly sure of when I got into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - all I recall is that it was somewhere between the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4. Animation outlets wouldn't shut up about it, all my friends on the 'net were into it, blah blah blah. Long story short - watched it, thought it was alright, read some of the fanfic, started liking the world of Equestria a whole lot more.

Let's get something clear here: this show isn't the second coming of Batman: The Animated Series (which, in any case, would be Gargoyles), but it's got potential. At least, more potential than the previous generations of My Little Pony did. The villains aren't allowed to really cut loose, since it's a kid's show and everything (and a lot of the more adventure-centric stories have seriously bad plot holes), but the writing staff of both the show and the tie-in comics managed to infuse their villains with enough personality and unique character designs to make up for it.

MLP: FIM is the kind of series where the line between "villain" and "jerk" tends to become rather blurry, and I have neither the patience nor the space here to list all of the characters who belong in both categories, so I think I'll go with the ones that grabbed my imagination the most.

(Sidenote: I like to imagine that there can, in fact, be an in-universe situation where all of these chumps will happily hang out together.)

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EDIT - That what I get for leaving this unposted while I am out all day.
I had low expectations for the My Little Pony comics series. That is why issue #1 not only impressed me, it blew me away. I bought 6 six copies just to give to people. On my rare journey to the comic books store, I tired to explain to it patrons the wonders of the ponies here. I encouraged pony fans to not fear the comics, but embraced them.

Then issue two happened. I shouldn't have let my hopes get so high.
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I know I'm not the only one here who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nor the only one who has been thoroughly enjoying the IDW comic book by Katie Cook and Andy Price with its wacky-yet-kinda-creepy horror-comedy tone. There was some talk about the comic here before and after #1 was released... but since, as far as I can see, nobody's been talking about issues #2 or #3, I figured I'd try to do something about it. Because these comics deserve recognition.

So here are a few scans (two full pages, one three-quarter page and three page snippets, adding up to what I'd roughly estimate as three-and-a-half page) from the newest issue, #3, the penultimate issue in the Return of Queen Chrysalis storyline, for the most part centered around our villain-of-the-story, Queen Chrysalis. Who still manages to be a good deal creepier in the comic than she was in the cartoon.

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What do you mean you haven't bought the My Little Pony comic yet? Get to itunes or Comixology right now! You don't like ponies? Oh, let us fix that.

Last night I made a small post offering some small bit of Pinkie Pie goodness from #1, but there is so much more. Every page has soothing to offer. From funny jokes and nods to brony fandom to fantastic art. This comic is full of fan candy. And it has an insane number of covers. I pulled the 6 of the regular covers off the net. I admit. I bought four copies to get different covers. One is a gift, least that's why I bought it.

Last night's post, didn't really have any spoilers, but this one will ruin the end for you. Consider yourself warned. Things are getting weird in Ponyville....

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I've had this comic, wanting to talk about it for like 9 hours now. Why has no one posted it? Anyway, I'll leave a nice full post to one of the MLP dedicated, but I am so I'm impressed i want to share something.

Here is two thirds of a page and half on one panel.
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Can this have a tag please?
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Two of my favourite artists,  Andy Price (on art) and Katie Cook (on writing, though she's a fine artists in her own right... see icon)  have a regular gig in the form of the comic version of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (Not something I have been able to get into, but I know it's popular)

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Some of you have already come across a fun new blogspot, which offers and ALTERNATIVE new titles from DC which they would like to see..

Welcome to the DC Fifty-Too, a blog curated by cartoonist Jon Morris.

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Robin the happy Christmas Wonder says "If you want to read an S_D classic Christmas story, then click here for Tim and the Joker's magical Christmas together, but you might want to stick around and enjoy the rest of this post first!"

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So, as always, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community. For the fun, the discussions, and even especially the arguments :) ), the shared obsessions (even especially the naughty ones), the hidden gems, the new light cast on the well known, and the glimpses of glorious comic art past and present, may I wish a very happy Christmas to you and your families (in whatever shape, size and form they come in) and here's to a great 2011!

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Courtesy of artist extraordinary Katie Cook...

I've featured her card work before, and I've been meaning to post a link to her latest webcomic for a while, but the most recent issue finally prompted me to do something about it...

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And in terms of utter cute, over on Facebook, Katie's been posting some sketches for an idea she suddenly came up with... What if the Marvel Universe were populated by cats instead of humans...

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4 pages from three different stories. This surprisingly turned out to be one of the most talked about books this week at my local comic shop.

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