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"They're J.M. DeMatteis and my Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Our Blue Beetle never got shot in the head. He never split from Booster Gold. The last memories these two clowns have is that Max was mad at them. Then they woke up in a refrigerator on Takron-Galtos. It's our Justice League." - Keith Giffen

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GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN I and II was the post-Crisis origin of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. It added the odd "Hal Jordan was convicted of drunk driving and served 90 days" that was dropped by INFINITE CRISIS. But it put elements to Sinestro's background that have continued to this day, although rarely expanded upon.

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"I never got to tell the last Ambush Bug story. You know? My Justice League — I'm done with them. I'm playing around with variations on them in Justice League 3001, but Justice League International isn't coming back. It's done. I had my say, and there are no other stories I want to tell. But with Ambush Bug, there's a last story that wasn't told. The character had one more story left..." - Keith Giffen

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'We're exploring a universe that hasn't been explored yet — the "Bwa-Ha-Ha" universe or whatever. And DC was amenable. So we said, let's do it!' - Keith Giffen

It's one year later for the 31st century Justice League...

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Newsarama: Keith, your book is continuing into June, along with a lot more books with a bit more humor in them. With the success of the Harley Quinn book, and the extra attention Justice League 3000 has been getting, I think people are figuring out that there's room in the comic book industry for books that don't take things too seriously.

Keith Giffen: I've been saying that for years! I've been out there all alone saying it's OK to laugh and have a little bit of fun. With Justice League 3000, we have an obvious sense of humor.

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