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Oh, there was a girl from Gotham...

That walked the hero's road,

For the sake of her old father...

It's to her I sing this ode.

With ra-zor sharp intellect...

She struck down every foe.

Joy and inspiration,

It's these to her we owe...

Gray and blue...

Gray and blue...

The girl from Gotham wore the gray and blue...

So of course, this comic is best known for introducing a sociopathic criminal. C'est la vie. )

By the way, I'll be going through a lot of Babsgirl stuff this week, so if there's anything you want me to keep my grubby little hands off of, speak up now. Thank you.
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So I've decided to post issue 29 and 31 together (Issue 30 is a Will Pfeifer story, that I actually really like, and may post after this is all over)... Not a lot of narrative consequence happens in 29 So I thought we'd plow through.

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No sooner does Kara declare that she will save Thomas life, than an armored man appears out of nowhere, and shoots her with a Kryptonite bullet. everyone else seems locked in time, and unable to re-act but very slowly Superman is able to shoot the man with his heat vision, this causes them to teleport to somewhere else...

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I'm gonna say while it had some high points, Supergirl Vol 5 was a bit of a mess until Sterling Gates took over as writer. Kelly Puckett's storyline about cancer, isn't as off kilter as the quick change retcons around her origin, and reason for being on Earth... but is probably the weirdest arc in the book... so let's take a look at it.

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Don't know if this'll do anything, but a bunch of Cass fans are planning on buying a digital copy of Batgirl #1 at Comixology on the 31st (it's $1.99). There are more details here

Also, if you haven't bought a digital comic before, the quality of the pages is really good. 
Images behind the cut. )
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I've been reading through some of the previous run on Supergirl, going back on the bits that I missed. I know that the first few issues were dreadful, with the hangover from Superman/Batman, then there was nonsense with Kara being a quilled assassin from Krypton, then at some point it became good. I've read through the Resurrection Man/Supergirl vs. the Terminally ill boy arc (containing issue #32, which this story is from), which was a bit grim, but with some good moments. Is there anything further back that's worth reading, or have I gone back as far as I reasonably can?

Time is on my side. Yes it is )
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Okay, following up my previous "fan outcry for the Connor, Lian and Mia" post, I'm thinking it's time we all held an Arrow Kids day. The release date of the new Green Arrow issue seems like a good one to me, though I worry it's a bit soon.

So. What do you all say, then? 9/07/11 to demand our favorite Arrows back? I'm thinking just generally making some noise at DC will work- tweeting Krul (@JTKRul) and the general DC accounts (@DC_Nation, @DCComics), writing to DC, etc. will work. Some type of "I love _____ because ____" thing might work, too, both in the DC letters and just general signal boosting, though Twitter's char limit might be a bit of a pain.

Who's with me?

Legality behind the cut... )
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I was introduced to this story way back in scans_daily 1.0, whereupon it was instantly beloved by all. Upon tracking down the issues myself, this three-part finale from The Batman Adventures became one of my top ten favorite Batman stories ever, from any continuity.

I'm posting it here as the next part of my Hugo Strange series, as it was his only appearance in the ten years after Prey, and it's *also* tied to New Year's Eve. In keeping with Batman: The Animated Series' treatment of villains, Hugo is given unprecedented character depth, sympathy, and a tragedy which matches (perhaps even rivals) the stories of Harvey Dent and Mr. Freeze.

But let's not kid ourselves. I know the main reason why you folks love this story. It's a testament to the greatness of these comics that Hugo's sad story could run in the same issues as moments like this:

In Memoriam, behind the cut )

It's because of stories like this that I honestly consider the TAS comics--all four series--to be the greatest Batman comics of the past twenty-five years. Maybe if these comics ever actually had crossovers into the DCU or "mattered" in some way continuity-wise, more people would have cared.

As it is, I'm just glad I recently managed to complete my entire collection of The Batman Adventures, Batman & Robin Adventures, Batman: Gotham Adventures, and Batman Adventures, until DC finally wises up and reprints the whole series.

Happy New Year, folks! Drive safely, drink sensibly, and try not to get your memory wiped!
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I'm looking to add Cassandra Cain's initial run as Batgirl to my library. However, a trip to my local comic vendor revealed to me that the TPBs for that run have been out of print for a while and are hard to find.

I've managed to find vendors to get most of the collection for a bit over the normal retail price, however my only option for obtaining "Silent Running", the 1st volume of the collection, is at least $30 through Amazon. Also, reading some of the reviews, it seems that the TPB collection are still sort of incomplete and missing a few odd issues here and there.

I was wondering if I should just pull the trigger on these purchases, or if it would be reasonable to expect DC to reprint Cassandra's Batgirl run in the near future, given that she's making a comeback into the current bat-titles?

On a slightly related note, has the "Batman: Gotham Knights" series ever been collected in TPB form? I really loved those stories, but I don't want to have to buy all of them in single issue form.

Thanks in advance. For legality I present her first reunion with her father from the pages of Batman #567, written by Kelley Punkett, with art by Damion Scott, John Floyd, and Greg Wright (7 of 22 pages):

Scans after cut )
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Okay, I was wrong THIS will be my last post for One Perfect Moment week.

Following on from recent discussions about the Riddler and how hard he is to write well, a rather appropriate couple of pages from Batman Adventures #10, as an inmate is released from Gotham State Penitentiary...

We should all have henchmen then loyal... )

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Best idea I've heard all week: someone should write a novelization of LOST.

Just do the entire series in a single book. Perhaps like THE STAND, but even better edited to incorporate all the good stuff, cut out the dead weight, and revise things so that it all works better as a whole.

Because that's the inherent difficulty of writing for long-form serialized format, be it in TV or comics: no matter how well you plan it out, so many things can go wrong that can create plot holes, dropped threads, inconsistent characterization, etc. Maybe it can be avoided if it's all done by a single (extremely talented) writer, but it's damn well impossible with multiple writers.

That's why Greg Rucka's novelization of NO MAN'S LAND is largely superior to the original comics, both of which I've been rereading for the first time in years for these posts. He's able to iron out the kinks from the comics, even the ones he himself had originally written, while cutting out pointless subplots and letting other story elements breathe.

By and large, the actual stories of both are the same, with one major exception: the shared arcs of Jim Gordon, Renee Montoya, and Harvey Dent. Last post, it was the same, but with some added scenes of Harvey and Renee's interaction.

But starting here, the actual chain of events alters and their motivations deepen, turning what originally was a better-than-average crime/adventure story into something rather more complex and soul-searching.

Very little actual Batman behind the cut )

Next week, the grand finale: Jim Gordon('s soul) on trial, with Two-Face as the prosecutor, Harvey Dent as the defense, and Renee Montoya stuck in the middle.


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