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"Here’s the thing. A lot of fantasy stories, especially in our post-Tolkien world, feel the need to bombard us with intricate histories, Machiavellian politics, copious family trees, cultural ontologies, blah blah blah. It’s as if they’re faintly embarrassed by their own unrealness, and need to overcompensate with a bunch of very grown-up detail.

"For me, The Dark Crystal is the purest expression of imagination-led fantasy. It doesn’t care about being a grown-up. It cares about extraordinary places and wondrous creatures. It cares about love and learning and doing the right thing. It cares about trees with tentacles, rocks that sing, girls made of fire and gemstone bats."

"The primary joy, in fantasies like this, is to leave your earthly adulthood at the door and go on an adventure somewhere beyond your dreams. That’s a note I’m determined to strike with this comic."
-- Si Spurrier

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