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"Science and exploration feels like something very positive, a general good - it helps mitigate some of those moral concerns. I think an emphasis on expanding knowledge makes the team a lot more interesting and sympathetic than, say, a mission to beat people up in the name of preserving the current social order." -- Al Ewing

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'The last issue of "Secret Wars" is a treat to read, and once it's out in the world everyone will hopefully have a clearer idea of how everything bolts together, or at least a starting point to form that idea. In that regard, we're all finding out how things work together -- part of the point of a book like "Ultimates" is to seek out and explore these new possibilities. For example, the "cosmic balance" we mentioned earlier might no longer apply -- it's a new cosmos. New game, new rules, new maps. Galactus was only the start of it.' -- Al Ewing

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"The Ultimates were always going to take on Galactus in issue #1 -- I figured we kind of had to come in swinging and leave a mark [...] What inspired it -- a mixture of wanting someone big on or allied with the team -- originally, we thought about Odin, but he's a bit busy -- and my usual preoccupations with atonement, redemption, growth and change." -- Al Ewing

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"The original Ultimates comic had a certain now-ness to it - it felt like quite a pure distillation of the storytelling experiments of the time, especially with Bryan Hitch working at his widescreen best. With the help of Kenneth Rocafort - without whom this comic wouldn't, couldn't exist in the form it's taking - I feel like we're exploring some similarly experimental territory, while at the same time doing our own version of that widescreen visual language." -- Al Ewing

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"This was always a cosmic team for cosmic threats; only the most powerful, physically, mentally or politically, need apply." -- Al Ewing

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There is a probably valid, if ethically reprehensible, theory that the best time to release news which might be viewed as bad news, is just after another piece of bad news.

My personal opinion on Ben Affleck as Batman is, in the words of Dr Heinrich Doofenschmirtz, on another topic, "an intense, burning, indifference". I was no fan of the Christian Bale movies so will be interested to see where it goes.

But that's okay, because I'm indifferent to today's character reveal too. I won't mention who it is in the tags just yet, so those who might be surprised, WILL be surprised! :)

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