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"Reader -- love that guy. He's an Inhuman, but he's been around for a little while. He's sort of my Mad Max character. He wanders the world getting into adventures." - Charles Soule

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"For a high-concept which, let’s be honest, feels kinda niche the first time you hear about it, MZ’s proven to be a wonderfully flexible franchise, and given us a lot of genuinely high-quality tales. Previous iterations have covered the whole gamut of genres and tones from the apocalyptic world-shaking scale down to the very personal, and from the deadly-serious to the fabulously farcical. We’ll get onto the whys and wherefores of that in a moment, but for an ideas-junkie like me the opportunity to carve my own name onto that dribbly, rotting, groaning slab of meat is a total gift." -- Si Spurrier

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"There’s also something really joyous to be had in the simple creativity that comes from re-imagining recognizable characters in a new form. That’s what drives fans’ fascination with the whole What if?/alternate version phenomenon, I think. It speaks to a fundamental human excitement for variation, transgression, speculation. Hence part of the joy in something like MZ is providing inventively-realized versions of well-known characters. That’s something I’ve had a looooot of fun with. Sometimes that manifests as simple sight-gags (zombie Blob heaving his moldering rat’s-nest of a body; zombie Carnage becoming a crusty scabrous mass, etc), other times it becomes a far nastier plot-point…" -- Si Spurrier

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'One of the problems a lot of zombie stories face is the lack of agency on the part of the protagonists. That can be a really cool subversion of regular narrative dynamics (and, in one or two toxic cases it chooses to say a lot of very cynical thematic stuff about the pointlessness of individual resistance)… but quite often it’s also just laziness: the “story” consists of people screaming and flapping and running around in a really passive way. When the subtext of your zombie story is “hey, zombies are really scary – cool!” then just don’t bother, y’know?

'We’ve flipped things over a lot, here. All the agency and all the proactivity lies with our heroine. Thematically the zombies aren’t stand-in analogues for the usual societal fears of lone predators or uncontrollable mobs; rather they represent an ambient sea of obstacles. This isn’t a good world which has been invaded by a corruptive element; it’s an irredeemable, unsalvageable land of pure corruption from which Elsa must try to escape.'
-- Si Spurrier

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