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Still no words yet.  Beware, on Tumbler/4chan someone shoped some in for one page.  Got a bunch of people fooled, but it's an MS paint edit. 


Horror for Heroes )



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BleedingCool has an in the article as we see what is next for the cast members of Avengers Academy.

And it ain't pretty.

Battle Royale!!!  )
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So in this week's Thunderbolts, Jeff Parker builds issue plot around roster alteration.

He's been doing it for the last few, with the introduction and quick removal of a very unstable Hyperion (or to hear him say it to Man-Thing, "Monster, I am KING HYPERION!!") and the for-now more permanent addition of Satana Hellstrom (as occult specialist.)

This issue continues that, featuring the government-mandated creation of a backup team (dubbed cleverly, if not charmingly, by Moonstone as "The Underbolts"), which promises to be fun; at the very least, the Shocker and Mister Hyde and Centurius are potentials.

Also, the A-team is sent to deal with a mysterious magical German castle.. but first, they've got to meet their new friend. )
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After the events of Thunderbolts #150 and before the events of #152, there's #151.

The events of #150 and what #152's leading into are and seem to be based on the existing history of characters; #151 focuses on the Ghost, who hasn't had much of one beyond being a fervent destroyer of corporations (and, recently, a conspiracy nut.)

It's a pretty good origin story as these things go, even if it does make you think about just how necessary an origin really is for certain characters.

But there's always an out, if you want one; he's telling it to Moonstone. )
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Greetings folks! Newbie here! I've been lurking for a while now, figure I might as well get involved! Here we go!

Cosmic Book News has an exclusive preview up of Thunderbolts #147 - which guest stars Avenger's Academy! Both books have been really good with Academy being one of my favorites. -RR

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The one constant in the Marvel universe is that things change. Like the Thunderbolts. IGN has the interview with the creative team behind it all, and how things shake up after Siege.

The storm clouds clear and a new Thunderbolt rises from the fray )


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