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"[This book is] trying to point out that life doesn't end at grim and gritty. A little fun never hurt anyone." - Keith Giffen

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OK gang, it's time for LOSH #23, "Aftermath," and you all know what THAT means....

 photo p2_LOSH-23_preview.jpg

On the upside, we do get lovely Kevin Maguire art for Aftermath. If you've ever wanted to see what Maguire could do with Bouncing Boy - and if not, why not?!? - this ish is your chance.

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And that's it until some other creator decides to reopen the toybox. Long Live the Legion!
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So y'all remember how Paul Levitz originally fridged Selina Wayne to give her daughter Helena a reason to become the Huntress in 1977?

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But now the question is, how did he update her origin for the year 2012?

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Trigger Warning for Gore
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I apologise for the scans being of shitty quality, I screencapped them from my iPhone.

I actually liked this issue much better than the last, and as usual, the flashback story is more interesting than the present one.

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There was so much slash in this book I couldn't even pick out which panels to post without exceeding the 4 page limit. So I'll settle for posting the Earth-2 aftermath instead.

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Wow! I didn't notice it had been announced before, but... Here's something nobody will probably care about
besides me and other fans of these characters or creator but..

"Weird Worlds" characters Garbage Man and Tanga are back in publication, "New 52" DCnU or not! This new title is called "My Greatest Adventure" which is actually a throwback to an old DC book were Doom Patrol stories ran in, many years back.

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This week's RETRO-ACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE is the 90s issue. Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire all reunite for one last tale of Justice League International. And it really will be their very last one; Giffen and DeMatteis have mentioned in interview that even if they're offered a chance to do another in the future, they'll turn it down. They feel that they've said all they want to say with these characters.

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On a completely unrelated note, I'm vacationing in China these days, where apparently you can't access imageshack pictures or their website. Can anyone recommend some way to get around this that an idiot layman like myself would be able to implement?


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