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Another Hellboy one-shot came out today.

The art was good, the story... well, it didn't rise to the occasion.

But one page of comic naughtiness that "just made my eyes go wide".
Curse you, shark-topus, I mean scans_daily!

In space no one can hear you scream. )
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Sorry for the delay. On this very special edition of Marvel/DC mash-up, we have the two greatest magicians of their respective houses, Drs. Strange and Fate (and a little Charles Xavier via secret ID thrown in for good measure). Join us for this (slightly) crossover-plot relevant issue of...

Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho )
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Little late here due to an unexpected nap, but holiday times keep marching on with these two shorts featuring Alfred and the Joker!

Stories from DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 3, plus some bonus material from #2! )

Tomorrow (well, later tonight): We've seen how Apokolips reacts to holiday times, next we take a look at New Genesis!
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Ever since the recent demise of scans_daily I had been wondering if there was any to save all of the old mega posts that I did at s_d covering a number of artists and stories that I loved. I started another LJ profile, "master_post", for the sole purpose of archiving all those old posts as well as continuing with tons more, starting with Garcia-Lopez (I've cross posted at non-scans just in case)! Please feel free to friend "master_post" and I hope you guys don't mind if I post the rare update once in a while here. In any case, I hope you like the Garcia-Lopez material!

Master Post Archives:


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Damn, this was a fun arc!

Sorry if some of this looks choppy, but it's broken up to 1) stay within the posting limits and 2) preserve some of the mystery, as well as the cool reveal in the last couple of pages of the book.

BTW, those last couple of pages that I'm not showing? They make me really, REALLY want to see this team do more with this Tut guy.

I've really enjoyed the fun story and fantastic art in this arc. This one's worth your money, folks.
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Title: Batman Confidential #27 (monthly)
Length: 23 pages
Posted 'Cuz: Too Awesome To Not Pimp*

A couple of days back, mysteryfan linked to DC's five-page preview of Batman Confidential here. Go on, check it out if you haven't already. No hurry.

So I picked up my copy of the book this afternoon and settled down, skimming the first five pages because, you know, I'd read them already.

Let me say, page six justifies the book's cover price. Spoiler beneath. )

Please give DC your $2.99. I want this creative team to be brought back to make more awesome.

*I'm not sure if this is in violation of the "four pages, max" rule for recent comics, since the above is an off-site link to an official preview, not an actual post to the comm. I'll take this down if so.


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