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Since I won't be able to get my Phonogram post up tonight, I figured I'd pull something else to show you guys.
So, I figure, what's the harm in a little shameless plug? )
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Today being X-mas, I've got a couple special post for you guys! So sit back, eat your Chinese food (or am I the only on who has that x-mas tradition?) and enjoy the holidays (emphasis on the plural!) with Madman and friends!

Scans from Madman Comics #16, plus a bonus X-mas comic I made last year! )

Tomorrow: What, you thought we were done? Next time we go back to DC, where Black Lightning tells us a bit about another holiday happening during the season!
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So yesterday I finally sucked it up and bought Birds Of Prey: Sensei & Student despite it's gratuitous, egregious, and generally calamitous cover. Even for Greg Land, this is a bad cover. Those who haven't seen on the trade or the first time it was printed with #67, I'm not posting it, I'm not linking it, I'm not subjecting you to it. If you want to see it, it'll have to be on your own time by your own decision. I'm just here to talk about it. I'd originally decided to tear it off and burn it, but I don't keep matches anymore since I quit smoking a few weeks ago.


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