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'Western Detective Fiction thinks Dupin important as he was formative to the genre but does not consider him the paragon of the type. Imagine a world where we could say "Apollo is a more interesting character than Superman" rather than "Apollo is derived from Superman."' -- Kieron Gillen

'I’m trying to imagine a world in which Apollo is more interesting than Superman. No knock on Apollo. But yeah, in other forms, inspiration is a legitimate springboard to creation; in comics it’s looked at askance.' -- Kurt Busiek

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A story about the problem with superheroes, from the Dark Horse Big Book of Monsters...

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Justice League of America #224 was one of the first comics Kurt Busiek ever wrote - he was 23 at the time - and it's a great little done-in-one. The villain has a cool power, and the Justice League comes across as smart and strategic.

Plus, that cover has Red Tornado's dismembered torso.

7 of 23 pages after the jump:

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