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Three pages from Incredibles #7, which continues and concludes the Dash solo storyline...

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creator: mark waid, creator: landry walker, title: the incredibles, publisher: boom!
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The super-hero-ing tradition continues in the world of Pixar as the Incredibles progress into their next story arc. CosmicBookNews has our brave hero about to become another victim of Dexter Morgan... I keed, i keed, but you know the routine. Boy wonder (minds out of the gutter!) is in trouble and it's up to someone unexpected to save the day.

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For fellow sci-fi geeks (in London, Toronto or Sydney, sorry the New York and LA events are already fully booked) who are excited by the notion of TRON - Legacy later in the year, you might want to try for a ticket to an event this coming Saturday.

Details are here

I'm guessing it's for an IMAX trailer (possibly in 3D) or something similar.

The legality image is from the Tron 2.0 comic preview.

tags: title: tron, publisher: slg publishing, creator: landry walker, creator: eric jones, creator: louie de martinis

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Seven pages from issue 4 and four from issue 5 make eleven...

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title: the incredibles, publisher: boom!, creator: mark waid, creator: landry walker
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I just realised we didn't have a post for the last issue , this must be rectified (its been months!). A paperback will be available in December, its up for pre-order on Amazon now.


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