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GI Joe 141-142: Such Heroic Nonsense

When last we left off Megatron had touched the Ark down in a Cobra occupied town in America so that he could give Cobra Commander some of the tech contained there in as payment for his new body... but Megatron has something else that interests him, a reason he is continuing to deal with Cobra.

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GI Joe 139 - 140 Megatron Meet Meglomaniac.

Last time Scarlett had been stabbed in the chest by Snake-eyes, and the Cobra Ninjas were, correctly, suspecting her of still working for GI Joe cause Snake-eyes never misses. But since there are more Transformers fans here than Joe fans we'll have to side skirt her story for the next couple issues (though don't worry we'll get back to her), cause here's Megatron.

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GI Joe ARAH 137-138

When last we left off Scarlett, and weapons designer Doctor Biggles Jones had just agreed to join Cobra.

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GI Joe 135 -136 Scarlett Agent of Cobra

It's time to jump ahead to the very very 90sy 90s... when Snake-eyes name was plastered on the books' cover bigger than the main title and Scarlett Joined Cobra.

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Snake-Eyes the Pre-Memorial (GI Joe ARAH #21) -The Silent Issue/Interlude-

GI Joe #21 is arguably Larry Hama's single most influential comic, it did inspire a Marvel theme month ('Nuff Said), which came some 18 years later, and did showcase a style of purely visual storytelling which was seldom found in main stream American comics at the time.

Here's the interesting thing about this issue. It was conceived out of necessity. As the story goes, back then comic pages were mailed around a few times during the process of comic creation, and at one point an issue of GI Joe goes missing in the mail, with no time to do the whole thing over from scratch, Larry comes up with a plan to cut the letterer out of the mix, and to cut down on art production time saving themselves over a week of production. He will draw breakdowns, and Steve Leialoha will do the finishes, there will be no spoken dialogue.

The story introduced several elements that would later become major facets of the Joe universe: The Silent Castle, the Arashikage tattoo, and the Red Ninja clan.

As a story begins, Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow has captured GI Joe Agent Scarlett and Snake-eyes is on his way to extract her... not that she's going to sit around waiting for rescue.

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Snake-Eyes the Pre-Memorial (GI Joe ARAH #26)

Larry Hama is killing off Snake-eyes in GI Joe A Real American Hero, and while he isn't my favorite Joe I think he deserves a send off, so I'll be posting some Snake-eyes stories over the next little while... Starting with the first time his origin was delved into in any detail, GI Joe #26.

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #209

"I never did read what was in the captions [in comic books]. People act and they talk. If it needs to be narrated, something is wrong. I try in my comics plots to make the story apparent in the pictures. Then, I add what words are needed to keep the whole shebang moving along. The less words I have to write, the better. It totally makes my teeth hurt when the artist puts me in the position of having to write dialog to explain the action." - Larry Hama

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Marvel's Star Wars #38 -- The Third Law--

I actually posted this last month as part of my Favourite Creator post on Larry Hama, but since that post was super long and there was a lot going on, and lastly cause we seem to be reflecting on Star Wars comic history, I thought I'd repost the story of the Third Law.

This was one of the stories from Marvel that got ascended to a slightly higher level of canon, with additional fleshing out by Wizards of the Coast, and I think it's a goody.

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #208

"I believe there is something inherently fascist about super-heroes. After all, they are better than the rest of us and putting themselves above the law to do something about it. A soldier is bound by a code of conduct, international law, and hopefully, honor." - Larry Hama

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #207

"I was terrified that I would run out of ideas by the third issue. I pretty much did. I didn’t really get rolling until I fully understood that it was all about the characters and not the plot." - Larry Hama

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31 Days of Scans Favourite Writer: Larry Hama

I can't say I have an all from favourite writer be it in the comic medium or otherwise, but Larry Hama is certainly one of the ones who influenced me most from my childhood up till today, he's done so many great books, most famously GI Joe, though I believe his own favourite is Nth Man, and his Wolverine run is considered one of the best.

Larry Hama got his start in the comics industry as penciler, and he's done practically every other job the in the industry (he's also been an actor and is working on a crowd funded cyberpunk movie), but he moved to writing mostly because it had better pay per page, and he could produce more pages, per hour. He's very well known for his writing style; Hama always says he doesn't know what's going to happen on one page until he's finished the previous one... When people were speculating about that eye a while back, he went on record saying he wouldn't know what it was till he got there (I am not sure if he has got there yet, I'm a bit behind on my pull list).

Today for you we have: Star Wars, Bucky O'Hare, Wolverine, and a little, but not too much, GI Joe, as well as some excerpts from a very cool vampire E-Book that you should totally buy if you like vampires or urban fantasy at all. Read more... )

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31 days of Scans: Most Cracktastic Moment: Larry Hama writes Cobra-La

"The battle between G.I. JOE and COBRA rages on – and the action ratchets up a notch with the return of Larry Hama! That's right, the original writer of the classic G.I. JOE comics is back witha limited series of all-new adventures full of intriguing background info on your favorite characters, and never before-revealed details about majors stories from the annals of G.I. JOE


During the Battle of Cobra-La, LT. FALCON goes one-on-one against the menacing blood-sucking NEMESIS IMMORTAL creature. The G.I. JOE team's quick-thinking infantry specalist has to stop the monster if he and his men are going to have any chance of escape!"

In 2008 Hasbro released a set of 8 two character action figure toy packs featuring comics with all new stories about the GI Joe team, many of these are set inbetween issues of the classic Marvel series and provide extra background detail on one or more characters and are quite interesting... but what happens when you ask Larry Hama to write about a character who never appeared in any of his comics? A Character from a group that he expressly fought against including in the original series run? Nemesis Enforcer Immortal.

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GI Joe 206... Jem, Transformers, and you can't be serious can you?

Two of these are probably just cute in jokes... but wow, am I ever surprised by the one that isn't.

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GI Joe 202-203... Double crosses and broken bones

My mouth dropped a bit in reading the most recent issue of GI Joe so I thought I'd share with you 4 pages from that issue, and 7 from the preceding one.

That cover is funny, it's symbolic nothing even close to that happens, but it's funny.

Following their failed and disastrous attempt to take the Pit, Cobra is slithering underground, the Crimson Guards are resuming their original mission of infiltrating American life and manipulating the system from the inside... but before Cobra Commander switches to stealthier tactics there's a loose end to take care of. A loose end named Destro.

The bad guy trinity of Cobra, Zartan, and Destro are about to have it out. )
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GI Joe #190 -Why I love Larry Hama's GI Joe AKA The Pentagon SUCKS!

Wednesday is here! Which means GI Joe A Real American Hero 191 is out! Which means I can tell you all about the awesomeness of GI Joe 190 for my first ever post in this community. Aren't you all excited, I know I am!

Eep! It's one of my three favorite Joes*, Lady Jaye about to be plugged by Major Bludd. Say it ain't so.

*For the record the other two are Storm Shadow and General Hawk.

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G.I. Joe Special Missions #2 (1986)

I met Larry Hama unexpectedly a few weeks ago, since he had a table at the Emerald City Comicon that I didn't know about before buying my ticket, and since then I've had his old '80s G.I. Joe comics on my mind. It doesn't hurt that Retaliation finally came out, either.

Special Missions was a relatively short-lived spin-off book that was a series of what were usually done-in-ones, involving particularly dicey or complicated missions by the team that did not necessarily involve Cobra.

This is a story from its second issue about refugee Nazis, Israeli Nazi hunters, and the Holocaust. This might be the kind of thing that mandates a trigger warning.

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