Convergence: Wonder Woman #1: "I Sung of Chaos and Eternal Night"

"The fun is in taking that iteration of those characters out of that timeframe having them interact in a darker and more modern story structure." - Larry Hama

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GI Joe Special Missons #5 -Showdown-

--I'm still going to tag this with char: Megatron, though Jetfire would have made more sense in context. Also this issue has a cover date of June '87, the last issue of G.I. Joe and the Transformers was dated April '87... I think this was Larry's subtle way of saying the Transformers only existed as toys in the G.I. Joe world even though that would later prove false .

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G.I. Joe Special Missions #2 -Words of Honor-

"There are some missions so secret, so sensitive that even the Joes who go on them are told only the bare minimum, on a strictly need-to-know basis. As far as the other Joes are concerned, these missions never existed these are the: G.I. Joe Special Missions"

--From the title page of the the short feature "Best Defense," in G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #50

The first Special Missions series was title that allowed Larry Hama to take the Joe characters out of the Joe vs Cobra military fantasy setting (though Cobra still appears in some of the stories), and put them into a slightly more realistic, and hard-edged setting. In this story the American government makes a deal with a Nazi war criminal, and sends in the Joe team to extract him, only for them to run afoul of the Mossad.

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GI Joe ARAH -27 & 84- Snake-eyes', Zartan's and Cobra Commander's bitter past.

So when I was posting Snake-eyes comics before I can't believe I failed to include these two issues...

In this post: Scarlet meets Snake-eyes for the first time, Storm Shadow address the accusation that he is to blame for the Hard Master's Death, the real killer's motive, and the birth of Cobra.

Also meet Mrs. Cobra Commander

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GI Joe 213 -The Death of Snake-eyes-

So now that we've gotten to know Snake-eyes a little better, it's time to say our farewells.

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GI Joe 155 -Snake-eyes speaks, kind-of-

I'll leave off the Snake-eyes retrospective for the moment with the final Marvel issue of GI Joe, and the last installment of the ARAH continuity until DDP relaunched it in 2001 until IDW continued it in 2010.

Young Sean Collins, the adopted son of a former Crimson Guard (to simplify a long story), is about to turn 17 and wants his father to sign his papers allowing him to join the army. His father convinces him to write a letter to Snake-eyes, asking for an honest perspective on what it means to be a soldier. The letter arrives on the day the GI Joe base is going to be mothballed for the foreseeable future.

What follows is break from the fantasy adventure story of GI Joe, for something a little bleaker.


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After reading Snake-eyes letter Sean decides he needs to put more thought into the matter. In one universe he will become Snake-eyes ninja apprentice, in another he will join the GI Joe team as a more conventional soldier.

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(Snake-Eyes the prememorial) GI Joe 144: How Snake-eyes came to be mute, and disfigured

So when I originally started this spat of GI Joe scans it was with the intent of exploring the character of Snake-eyes, we went off the rails there with the Ninja Force/Transformers arc... That had a lot of Snake in it, but I just found myself naturally more attracted to Scarlett's story.

Let's get back on track shall we, here is the story of how Snake-eyes became mute.

Following the Battle of Millville, Scarlett, and Snake-eyes are ordered to report to the Pentagon for a debrief, they want to know exactly what happened to Dr. Biggles-Jones (Which implies that Larry didn't consider Simon Furman's Gen 2 issue to be in continuity? Or is this a simple mix-up?)

Riding together in the chopper brings back some painful memories for Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, and Snake-eyes.

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GI Joe 141-142: Such Heroic Nonsense

When last we left off Megatron had touched the Ark down in a Cobra occupied town in America so that he could give Cobra Commander some of the tech contained there in as payment for his new body... but Megatron has something else that interests him, a reason he is continuing to deal with Cobra.

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GI Joe 139 - 140 Megatron Meet Meglomaniac.

Last time Scarlett had been stabbed in the chest by Snake-eyes, and the Cobra Ninjas were, correctly, suspecting her of still working for GI Joe cause Snake-eyes never misses. But since there are more Transformers fans here than Joe fans we'll have to side skirt her story for the next couple issues (though don't worry we'll get back to her), cause here's Megatron.

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GI Joe ARAH 137-138

When last we left off Scarlett, and weapons designer Doctor Biggles Jones had just agreed to join Cobra.

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GI Joe 135 -136 Scarlett Agent of Cobra

It's time to jump ahead to the very very 90sy 90s... when Snake-eyes name was plastered on the books' cover bigger than the main title and Scarlett Joined Cobra.

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Snake-Eyes the Pre-Memorial (GI Joe ARAH #21) -The Silent Issue/Interlude-

GI Joe #21 is arguably Larry Hama's single most influential comic, it did inspire a Marvel theme month ('Nuff Said), which came some 18 years later, and did showcase a style of purely visual storytelling which was seldom found in main stream American comics at the time.

Here's the interesting thing about this issue. It was conceived out of necessity. As the story goes, back then comic pages were mailed around a few times during the process of comic creation, and at one point an issue of GI Joe goes missing in the mail, with no time to do the whole thing over from scratch, Larry comes up with a plan to cut the letterer out of the mix, and to cut down on art production time saving themselves over a week of production. He will draw breakdowns, and Steve Leialoha will do the finishes, there will be no spoken dialogue.

The story introduced several elements that would later become major facets of the Joe universe: The Silent Castle, the Arashikage tattoo, and the Red Ninja clan.

As a story begins, Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow has captured GI Joe Agent Scarlett and Snake-eyes is on his way to extract her... not that she's going to sit around waiting for rescue.

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Snake-Eyes the Pre-Memorial (GI Joe ARAH #26)

Larry Hama is killing off Snake-eyes in GI Joe A Real American Hero, and while he isn't my favorite Joe I think he deserves a send off, so I'll be posting some Snake-eyes stories over the next little while... Starting with the first time his origin was delved into in any detail, GI Joe #26.

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #209

"I never did read what was in the captions [in comic books]. People act and they talk. If it needs to be narrated, something is wrong. I try in my comics plots to make the story apparent in the pictures. Then, I add what words are needed to keep the whole shebang moving along. The less words I have to write, the better. It totally makes my teeth hurt when the artist puts me in the position of having to write dialog to explain the action." - Larry Hama

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Marvel's Star Wars #38 -- The Third Law--

I actually posted this last month as part of my Favourite Creator post on Larry Hama, but since that post was super long and there was a lot going on, and lastly cause we seem to be reflecting on Star Wars comic history, I thought I'd repost the story of the Third Law.

This was one of the stories from Marvel that got ascended to a slightly higher level of canon, with additional fleshing out by Wizards of the Coast, and I think it's a goody.

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #208

"I believe there is something inherently fascist about super-heroes. After all, they are better than the rest of us and putting themselves above the law to do something about it. A soldier is bound by a code of conduct, international law, and hopefully, honor." - Larry Hama

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #207

"I was terrified that I would run out of ideas by the third issue. I pretty much did. I didn’t really get rolling until I fully understood that it was all about the characters and not the plot." - Larry Hama

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