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'Tangled Web' was a short-lived anthology series featuring Spider-Man. Or rather, people who were affected by him one way or another. This is one of the stronger ones in my opinion.

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This isn't the best scene between Matt Murdock and Karen Page, but it is an interesting one. Matt finds Karen after a long absence, which involved Typhoid Mary.

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Here's one of my favorite Daredevil stories, and it really isn't "special," aside from being the final issue of Ann Nocenti's run on the book. Also, the art is by Lee Weeks.

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This week, I was wondering what comic book characters are from Boston, Massachusetts. Emma Frost is from Boston, though she talks pseudo-British. Cloak of Cloak and Dagger is from Boston. To my surprise, Dane Whitman, the Black Knight is from Gloucester, Mass.

But instead of a post with those characters, here's post about Kathy Malper, a female Daredevil supporting character who (somehow) was never romantically involved with Matt Murdock..

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From the Civil War one-shot, Winter Kills (10 pages of a 38 page book). I think this was posted on the old Scans Daily livejournal, but hasn't ever been put up here.

Bucky Barnes has things to do this Christmas... if only he could find the time for them.

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Tomorrow as many may have heard shall be the re-lease of Fantastic Four #587, featuring a Fantastic Four member dying, with speculation going for virtually each member.

In 2006 however the concept was kinda toyed around with in a one-shot Fantastic Four: A Death in the Family in which a member died, sorta. I decided this'd be a nice story to post too since I've been a fan of the Human Torch ever since I saw him as a kid.

The story was 23 pages and I'll be posting 7.5 pages

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In the process of going through my bookcase and my shortboxes for books to make another big post (this one is inspired by Word Balloon), I rediscovered Secret Invasion: Captain Marvel (though it doesn't include Captain Marvel actually in Secret Invasion, where he took on the Thunderbolts.)

This story follows on from Civil War, when Captain Marvel returned and leads into Secret Invasion. For me, this was a really good time for some quality Marvel books, though I know that I'm not in the majority in this opinion.

Art in this is by Lee Weeks (last seen in ASM's Juggernaut story) and it's written by Ms. Marvel author Brian Reed (last seen in ASM's American Son)

The book starts with media interest in Mar-vell's return in the superhero hoe-down in Manhattan in Civil War #7. We then get Mar-Vell being attacked at the Louvre, where he's examining Charles Le Brun's entry of Alexander the Great into Babylon

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Unless I'm mistaken, we're missing a tag for Captain Mar-vell. We've not yet had a Captain Mar-vell tag yet. How intriguing.
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From DAREDEVIL #300, written by D.G. Chichester with art by Lee Weeks. They also did the "final" issue of DAREDEVIL Vol. 1. This was one the first stories that covered Wilson Fisk's life before he became the Kingpin. A few others (all DD stories, I think) covered Fisk before his appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50, but not many.

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Long time passes. Spider-man goes cosmic, gets the recurring menace of Venom, and Mary Jane even meets Matt's crazy ex Typhoid Mary. He has many guest appearances.

Daredevil returns from his epic journey and ends Nocenti's epic run. He gets back together with Foggy Nelson and in a climactic battle, tricks Hydra into picking a fight with the Kingpin and puts Typhoid Mary into an insane asylum. Matt uses the memory of Vanessa Fisk to push Kingpin over the edge mentally. Read more... )

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