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This week Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor came out. If you like Jason Aaron's Thor run (which stretches back to November 2012*) then Jason Aaron's enerations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor is another issue of Jason Aaron's Thor. I enjoyed it immensely.

Unfortunately, the labelling makes it slightly confusing as to who actually appears.

While there is no doubt as to who is the Mighty Thor, the Unworthy Thor isn't who might first come to mind. A better term might be the Pre-Worthy Thor who has not yet proved himself worthy of wielding a Mjolnir, rather than the Post-Worthy Thor with the Uru arm, who lost Mjolnir and took up Jarnbjorn because Nick Fury whispered to him on the moon.

Generations is a decent self-contained story (but with a shoe-horned in epilogue that does nothing for me) about why a Thor needs Midgard and what it means to be a God and when Thor first met Thor )
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"Sam's all for the help, but he didn't ask for it -- it was given to him by selfless Avengers. It was Brevoort's idea that the Avengers traditionally very rarely got involved in each member's Dilemma Du Jour, and maybe we could switch that up." -- Mark Waid

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"I love having more women on the team, and I especially love having a Big Brain -- too many of the MU's geniuses have that Y chromosome." -- Mark Waid

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So Sibohan as made her debut in the Supergirl TV show, and I am enjoying the character but with Supergirl's return to the mainstream DCU on the horizon I do hope we see more of the New 52 version, as I quite like her. Reposted from December 2014; here are some scans on how she met Supergirl.

it begins with issue 8 )
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"To me, the fun of writing any team book is seeing how its members react to one another in the non-action moments. What happens when you strand these two on a desert island? What about when you take these three, who’ve never shared page-time before, and send them on a do-or-die mission?" -- Mark Waid

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In the new DC, I've gone from having 2 books to having 1 book
Power Girl

Here's some chat from DC's Super- panel I've ctrl+f'd it and just taken every paragraph and sentence relating to Supergirl

Johnson spoke to a mystery at the heart of "Supergirl" saying that the Maid of Might does not remember who she is or where she came from, so when she meets Superman for the first time, she does not instinctively trust him. "What we really want to drive home is feeling like we're with her every step of the way and that we're seeing everything as she's seeing it." The writer compared it to the whole relaunch of the New 52 as fans will see the DC Universe with fresh eyes....
Mike Johnson said in terms of how past stories impact "Supergirl." "Everything that's come before matters...but it's going to be a fun mystery.

Johnson added that Supergirl will be a fun character despite her mysteries. "We didn't want her to be this very serious character surrounded by a wacky supporting cast." He said a book without humor would be no good.
Idelson said that when they do other versions of the Superman family like Superboy and Supergirl need to feel significantly different than the Man of Steel. Johnson promised Supergirl and her powers would manifest in a way that "She's not just a Superman clone.""

It looks like, at least on the art standpoint, I'm picking a good one.  )


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