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One of the series that I'm most eager to read each month when it comes out is Mariko Tamaki's Hulk. The first arc, Deconstructed, was a slow burner, but it was bloody brilliant. The art by Nico Leon allowed some good body and face acting, and it was a book that looked at how people respond to setbacks. I loved it, for reasons that I'm finding hard to articulate just now.

The arc that's just finished, Let Them Eat Cake has struggled a bit. Part of that is because of the artists. Not that they're bad (though they certainly aren't Leon's equal), but there's so many of them
7 - Georges Duarte
8 - Georges Duarte
9 - Julian Lopez (Quite a deep shadowed, Deodato Jr style)
10 - Francesco Gaston/ Julian Lopez (and they are very, very different styles. It's a jarring change that happens halfway through the book)
And coming up
11 - Sebastian Carillo
159 (I know) - Jahnoy Lindsay (As seen in Uncanny Avengers)

IT's tough to establish an identity for a book when half of the creative team is in so much flux. It's a shame, as the title launched with such a strong look under Nico Leon )

The end of #10 does at least promise something interesting for future issues, rather than just the mystery of who will be the artist.
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Every other month, we have Mariko Tamaki day, where both Hulk and Supergirl: Being Super are released. That is my favourite new comics day. As a community, we've already covered in depth that Hulk is bloody good, but Being Super seems to have flown under the radar.

Another title for it could be Supergirl: Secret Identity*, or Supergirl: Girl of Steel. It's "retelling her origin for a new generation" but I'm not sure which continuity it fits into, if any. Each issue is a 48 page prestige issue and when it's all said and done, I'm buying the trade as well.

Before we get in to the story, know that it's bloody beautiful. Art is covered by Joelle Jones, who I adored when I first saw her in 2006's 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and followed her to Minx's Token. Since then she's done work at Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and her own series Lady Killer has taken off and Jones has become much, much better. There are jaw dropping, heart stopping splash pages in this book. But that's for another time.

Right now, I'm going to share a short flashback, as an aside from the main story. Being super )
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*If you haven't read it, you are doing Superman wrong.
** But not rubbish. Actually, watching that trailer made me annoyed that we didn't get more of beardy Clark travelling the world, looking for his place in it.


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