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This issue, the Squadron Supreme fights actual supervillainy for the first time on-camera!

Let's meet the Institute of Evil! )
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This is it. Where we get to the 'point' of this series of posts. The time where one character mind-controls another character to get what they want.

Now, about that 'why?' )
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Don't worry, that doesn't happen in the comic.

So, this one was tricky to choose pages from, for me. The central crisis is between Al(Nuke) and Joe(Dr. Spectrum) is obviously the emotional heart of the story, but the B-plot opens the story and lays on a little foreshadowing, as well as being a One Perfect Moment between Zarda(Power Princess) and Joe.

So we'll start with that )
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He's not kidding.

Anyway, after too long I've managed to get the scans ready for the next few issues, which leads us nicely along the Squadron Supreme's gentle descent into tyranny.

But first, some humanitarianism! )
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Let's hear it for them, the Squadron Supreme! The mightiest champions of humanity on now-extant Earth-712, a world blessed and cursed with but a fraction of the superbeings that roil the omniverse!

Twelve of the most spectacular beings in creation, who battle fiends and forces before which an ordinary person would be so much vapour! Though they come to the brink again and again, still they never break the trust their charges have in them!

Well, there was that ONE time... )
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Well, I'll say one thing for the Identity Crisis posts, it's making me want to post more NON Identity Crisis stuff.

"I'll bet the first comic I lay hands on in the cathedral-like vault which is my comic collection (ahem!) is more fun that that!" and by a weird coincidence (and it really was) the first comic I laid my hands on was actually one of the very very first American comics I ever bought with my own pocket money.

So from the dim and distant past of 1979... I bring you a story involving Ben Grimm taking a shower, a hero wearing a protagonist over his crotch, gratuitious authorial inserts and a shapeshifting alien with a low boredom threshold and a very short attention span.


Yup! It's the Thing and the Impossible Man in....

Happiness is a Warm Alien! )


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