Introducing Spider-Bitch

Some people have wondered who the new 'Spider-Girl' in Spiderverse is. She's Ashley Barton, also known as Spider-Bitch. She's the granddaughter of Spider-Man and daughter of Hawkeye from the alternate future in Mark Millar's 'Old Man Logan' arc.

Warning: There's one scene here that's pretty gory.

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CIVIL WAR #2: The unmasking

We've talked a lot about CIVIL WAR and the JMS Spider-Man run elsewhere on this board, so I thought I would post a few pages about the big unmasking.

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Starlight #1

"Someone described it as Buzz Lightyear meets Unforgiven, and I think it's a pretty accurate assessment." - Mark Millar

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Jupiter's Legacy #4

"I loved that aspect of superheroes growing up, where Clark Kent would trip over his shoe-laces or Peter Parker would have to duck out of a fight with Flash Thompson. That's the empathic entry point for kids in particular as they have never entirely related to the superheroes. Losing that aspect of superheroes in the last 20 years has created some really interesting stories, but bringing it back has given me something quite rich to mine." - Mark Millar

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Jupiter's Legacy #2

"Back in the Sixties, artists and writers would go to the company and get ripped off. Now artists are going to the writers ...and getting ripped off. There are so many people drawing books, but owning only a small percentage, and yet, there are no articles about this. The artist is getting some revenue from publishing, but nothing on merchandise, or movie deals. The writer sometimes stays on as a screenwriter, then front-loads the deal so they get tonnes of cash for the screenplay, and the rights are much smaller.

"I want to set the standard by making it 50-50 in terms of cash and producer credits. It's not that I think I'm a good guy for doing it, just that you're a bad guy if you don't!"
- Mark Millar

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Millar and Quitely's Jupiter's Legacy #1

"Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski are easily out-filthing us with their new book Sex, my old friends Steve Niles and Tony Harris bring the horror with Chin Music, Millar and Quitely finally deliver their superhero epic Jupiter's Children, we get more Hickman and Dragotta brilliance with East of West, and Greg Rucka/Michael Lark's Lazarus looks fucking amazing. Five fantastic books, and the only thing they have in common is being 100% owned and controlled by the writers and artists who created them. Nice one, [Image publisher Eric] Stephenson." - Brian K. Vaughan

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A rare moment of non-violence

I was looking through my old Millar-penned issues of The Authority, and while it's filled to bursting with typical Millar-isms, there's this one bit that sticks out. I remembered the scene itself, but the follow-up surprised me. Scans taken from issues 14 and 16.

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