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'The mission statement from editor Tom Brevoort was, “We want this to be the TV show as if they had an unlimited budget.” No heroes or villains are off-limits.' -- Mark Waid

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"One of the only reasons I still hang on to FLASH is because I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the moment I walk, the next guy's gonna drop a safe on Linda Park's head before my last voucher's been paid." -- Mark Waid, in another era

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"A superhero is someone who, at some point or in some way, inspires hope or is the enemy of cynicism. Even if you bog it down with political allegory ... You still need to take the cynical out of it." - Mark Waid

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'The last line of my suicide note will be "They're steeped in realism and they're a little bit edgier than Marvel's movies."' -- Mark Waid

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"Chris Samnee really wanted to do Stunt-Master. I don’t know why, but he really wanted to do Stunt-Master. He really wanted to do an Evil Knievel guy on a motorcycle and I’m fine with that, that’s issues 11 and 12..." -- Mark Waid

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In the latest issue, one of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went undercover at Coles Academic High School as substitute teacher Ms. Steranko. Naturally, since there were shenanigans afoot at her school (and she's on the cover), Kamala showed up.

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Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Cover artist: Julian Totino Tedesco
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'In dealing with medication over the years and trying to figure out the best cocktail of pills to treat my depression, one of the most uplifting things I heard came from a physician who was listening to me worry about side effects. He said, “The whole goal of taking medication is to minimize the side effects as much as possible so you can best live a normal life.” And that goes for non-medicinal cognitive therapy, too. In other words, don’t feel like you have to accept that there are crippling, inescapable side effects to treatment– that’s giving up control.' -- Mark Waid

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Marcus Cole, Statesman, World War 1 vetran whose lungs were damaged by mustard gas while fighting in the trenches, avatar of Zeus, and the Captain America/Superman of the now defunct game City of Heroes.

When the game introduced more tightly plotted story arcs as end game content, and one of them was called "who will die?" perhaps it should have been obvious that the city's greatest hero need to make way for YOUR hero... I want him back (though he would probably like to stay dead), because it would require the City of Heroes IP to become active again, I'd love the game to come back, but I'd be happy to see the signature heroes adventures in comic form too.

So with that in mind I share an adventure from the comics, the first time Statesman died, and came back.

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"You can’t really punch anybody – they’re children. I guess you could pick one up by the ankles and hit the other ones with him." -- Mark Waid

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"That's what I like about the whole 'Original Sin' concept, overall, and this is what sold me on it. It could have been a very cynical 'look at what jerks our heroes can be' journey into darkness, but it was never positioned that way by Marvel editorial. In fact, it creates situations where all the characters across the Marvel line have to step up, because that's what they do." -- Mark Waid

"It's very much a classic Marvel story in the set-up, that it looks at the phrase 'superhuman' and underlines the human." -- Kieron Gillen

Written by Kieron Gillen and Mark Waid, pencilled by Luke Ross and Mark Bagley...

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