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During an attack on GI Joe headquarters Cobra Commander and Destro wind up missing and presumed dead, however they are alive and making their way together in civilian disguises.

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So when I was posting Snake-eyes comics before I can't believe I failed to include these two issues...

In this post: Scarlet meets Snake-eyes for the first time, Storm Shadow address the accusation that he is to blame for the Hard Master's Death, the real killer's motive, and the birth of Cobra.

Also meet Mrs. Cobra Commander

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Do you miss Eclipse Comics? I certainly do. Let's lookl at the first issue of Eclipse Monthly, their first color anthology comic.

Three pages each of four ten-page stories, and two pages of a six-page story. WARNING: "Dope" is an adaptation of an early Sax Rohmer story, and has period racism.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Marshall Rogers and Steve Englehart were in a select group of people that revitalized Batman in the 1970s. The pairing of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams was first and probably more famous, but the artist Rogers and writer Englehart had a highly influential short run on Batman during the mid-70s that more or less defined how the character was written and drawn well into the 21st century.

Englehart and Rogers were something of a dynamic duo themselves, working together on a mid-70s revival of Miracle Man for a while, as well one of DC's earliest direct distribution comics (the one-shot Madam Xanadu) and on early indie comic Coyote for Eclipse. Their longest run together, however, was on a mid-80s revamping of the Silver Surfer.

From his first appearance in 1966 to the printing of this story in 1987 (Silver Surfer vol 3, #1), the Surfer had been trapped on Earth. Englehart had a penchant for cosmic-scale stories and spent issue one of the new series liberating Galactus' ex-herald so he could get down to writing some. After hearing that his ex-boss' new gofer, Nova, has been captured by the Skrulls in an attempt to weaponize the World-Eater by extorting him into eating the Kree Empire, the Surfer uses a temporary escape from Earth to negotiate his permanent release. Nova has been stashed in a facility with plotnecessitium vibranium walls that are primed to blow if damaged. Slow and ponderous as he is, Galactus will only kill Nova if he tries to rescue her. The Surfer is a different matter, though. If he gets Nova back, Galactus promises to stop acting like a spoiled child and will let him go on his way.

This leads to a virtuoso stretch of pencilling from Rogers, whose background before coming into comics was in architectural drawing. His sci-fi buildings always rather looked like real buildings, and for this he basically "plotted out" a Skrull facility for...well, look at it yourself:

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Five months after the smash hit release of the Tim Burton film, a new Batman comic strip ran in newspapers from 1989 to 1991. Following the film in spirit but set in an entirely new continuity, the first storyline was written by Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition, creator of Post-Crisis Jason Todd) and illustrated by the late, great Marshall Rogers (Batman: Strange Apparitions, which still looks stellar today).

I've fallen head over heels in love with this comic strip. Naturally, my love doesn't really kick in until Harvey Dent becomes a major supporting character in the next storyline, which may be one of the most original and interesting takes on the character I've seen anywhere, in any medium. I actually suspect that it influenced the creators of Batman: The Animated Series.

But even from the start, I love how Collins (and his successor, William Messner-Loebs) didn't try to simply regurgitate the old stories for newspapers, but came up with distinctly different characterizations, origins, and plots, while the stories themselves feel completely divorced from comics of any era. They're fun, suspenseful, moving, and occasionally, even a bit on the cracky side.

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Coming up next, the new creative team of Messner-Loebs, Infantino, and Nyberg bring us the Penguin, Batman's mysterious new British sidekick, and a refreshingly different take on Harvey Dent, D.A. (how do you like THOSE credentials, Rex Morgan?).
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First things first: who here *hasn't* read the Batman story arc Strange Apparitions (the legendary comic arc by Steve Englehart, most famous for including the all-time great Joker story, The Laughing Fish)?

If you haven't--or if you've only read Fish on its own but not the surrounding story--you should at least know that it's generally considered one of the finest Batman stories of all time. I certainly agree, but I don't want to oversell it as a work, since hyped expectations have killed many a great story. I can at least safely presume to call it one of the most important and influential Batman comics of all time, and for that alone I urge you to track down the trade paperback.

Or at least, I would, if it weren't out of print. WTF, DC?

I was actually tempted to post the entire storyline here, but I had a hard enough time singling out the Hugo Strange subplot while keeping these scans under the 1/3rd limit. The story is just that tight, with each issue packed to the gills with plot, action, and character stuff.

So with regret, let's eschew the excellent stories of Bruce and Silver St. Cloud's affair, of the introduction of Dr. Phosphorus and the reintroduction of Deadshot, of the thieving Penguin and tragic Clayface III, and even of the greatest Joker scheme of all time.

Instead, let's focus on the grand return of Batman's first arch-nemesis, and the scheming villain who made the damn fool mistake of crossing him:

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If you'd like to read all of Strange Apparitions yourself, I wish you the best of luck. As previously stated, this beloved classic is bizarrely out of print. If you're up for scouring back issue bins and/or the internet, the story's been collected in trade paperback, which itself is a collection of the five-issue miniseries Shadow of the Batman, which reprinted the original issues. Basically, find it any way you can until DC comes to their senses.
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Roger Stern's run on DOCTOR STRANGE began with the introduction of Morgana (one N, not two) Blessing, who eventually became Stephen Strange's girlfriend. Roger Stern himself explains:

"Morgana Blessing was the sort of woman that Doc would have had a relationship with, in his previous career as a high-priced surgeon. She was the Earthly love, in contrast with the ethereal, extradimensional Clea. All the regular readers loved Clea, of course, but the relationship she and Doc had was not exactly an enlightened one. If Clea had just been Docs lover that would have been okay, but shed also become his student, his disciple. It was a case of I love you, Clea. And I love you, Master. And not in a sweet, innocent, I Dream of Jeanie way, either. Not a healthy relationship, not healthy at all."

The first meeting, and a panel from the ILLUMINATI miniseries after the cut.

suggested tags: char: baron mordo, char: clea, char: dr. strange/stephen strange, creator: marshall rogers, creator: roger stern, publisher: marvel comics

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From DR< STRANGE #49. Villains do nasty things. Killing a new character's cat in order to disguise yourself as said dead cat is EXTRA nasty.

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