Sex Criminals #5 - "Going Down"

"There’s a lot of comics that peddle in titillation and sensationalism but are there comics capital-A about sex? Not that I can think of. Which was part of what drew me to the idea of the project. I don’t think of a drawing that gazes surreptitiously up at the pudendum of a woman as she kicks another woman in the face so hard we see both her tits and her ass in the same pose as being about sex, I guess." -- Matt Fraction

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Hawkeye #17 - "Winter Friends"

Paste: But do you feel constrained by “no killing” rules when you’re writing a character whose only power is a bow and arrow?

Fraction: No, I like it. Comics are too dark. They’re too grim. Dark and grim are fine, but when it’s the standard operating procedure, it bums me out after a while. It’s the challenge of getting back to the Stephen J. Cannell-ness of it all.

-- An interviewer and Matt Fraction

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Hawkeye #15 - "Fun & Games"

"I think him not killing is as important to his character as Sabretooth or Wolverine killing people." -- Matt Fraction

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Hawkeye #16 - "Recording Tape"

"I realized I could do a book that would honor the [Hawkeye] stuff I loved when I was a kid, especially the Mark Gruenwald stuff, as silly as it might be now; but I could honor that character work, I could honor who that guy is. Who is the regular man that gets to be with the Avengers?" -- Matt Fraction

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Hawkeye #14 - "L.A. Woman"

Kate Bishop has started a new life in Los Angeles...

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Sex Criminals 03

The series continues to be charming, funny, and much less torrid than the title might suggest. But none of that is why I'm posting these pages.

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FF #9 - "Last Splash"

"It’s a book about the family you make, right? It’s a book about the family you’re not supposed to have but do, due to bad life circumstances. You build the family out of the parts you find. When you can’t trust and rely on your own family, that’s what this book is. It’s these people that are a human junk drawer; they only make sense in the context of one another, but in that context they are great. They are going to save the universe." -- Matt Fraction

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Fantastic Four #8

Some pages from last month's issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, a story titled...

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