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'Western Detective Fiction thinks Dupin important as he was formative to the genre but does not consider him the paragon of the type. Imagine a world where we could say "Apollo is a more interesting character than Superman" rather than "Apollo is derived from Superman."' -- Kieron Gillen

'I’m trying to imagine a world in which Apollo is more interesting than Superman. No knock on Apollo. But yeah, in other forms, inspiration is a legitimate springboard to creation; in comics it’s looked at askance.' -- Kurt Busiek

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As seen further down the page, each issue of the SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN miniseries had a one page story. Issue #5 had a less "meta" story where Jimmy Olsen and Perry White don't appear, but they are both awesome.
Written by Max Landis with art by Matthew Clark

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"I've read everything [in "Wonder Woman"] since I left, so the goal of this is not to be "This is a continuation of Greg's run." The goal is that this is a continuation of Wonder Woman's story. Since it's cast in the light of "Rebirth," one of the things we're all working really hard at doing is reconciling some of the incredible inconsistencies that have arisen in the 75-year history of the character." - Greg Rucka

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artists: Matthew Clark & Liam Sharp
Inker: Sean Parsons
Colorists: Jeremy Colwell & Laura Martin

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Two issues ago, Veronica Cale nationalized the Doom Patrol, effectively turning them into the legal property of Oolong Island. So how that's working out for them?

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Picked up a bunch of comics from the $1 bin today, and there's a scene from Outsiders 31 I want to post just as soon as I get my scanner de-bugged. But first, a single panel. Wanna know what would be an even worse addition to Donna's starfield bodysuit than changing the halter to a skinny, down-to-there tank top?

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One page from this week's Doom Patrol #10...

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creator: keith giffen, creator: matthew clark, title: doom patrol, group: doom patrol, publisher: dc comics
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A warm round of welcome for the latest addition to the Doom Patrol cast!

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title: doom patrol, publisher: dc comics
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No, that's not some not-so-clever attempt at a jab against some latest DC development. I'm referring to a plot point in the latest issue (#9) of Doom Patrol, which remains a great read.

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creator: keith giffen, title: doom patrol, creator: matthew clark, creator: ron randall, publisher: dc comics
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Four pages from Doom Patrol #8...

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group: doom patrol, title: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, creator: matthew clark
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Suggested tags: group: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, creator: matthew clark
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Four pages from Doom Patrol #7...

This issue clearly takes place after Blackest Night, though there isn't anything in the way of spoilers for that event.

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title: doom patrol, group: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, publisher: dc comics, creator: matthew clark


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